Match 4 – Rusev defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Dolph Ziggler by submission in a non title match. Rusev totally manhandled Ziggler, he made Rusev submit with the Accolade. After the match, Lana said that she understood that Philadelphia was the birthplace of America. This made the fact clear that this country had no chance to succeed. This week on Raw, she was interrupted by the Rock. She addressed the Rock as a coward. She could not hold her emotions as she spoke Russian to abuse the Rock. She handed the mic to Rusev who said that the Rock would pay for the consequences, and the Big Show would have to pay too. Rusev challenged Big Show in a match at Monday Night Raw, he said that the Big Show would be crushed.

Footage from last week was shown where The Rock met Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Backstage after Monday Night Raw. They first talked about the fifteen years of Smackdown. Then The Rock made an excellent proposal, The Rock vs. Triple H at WrestleMania 31. The discussion turned into an argument at the end as Triple H said that it would not be matter because it would all be same, he would kick Rock’s a**. The Rock said that he would beat Triple H down in front of the crowd of a thousand. Both tried to say that they kick each other’s a**, Stephanie McMahon finally stopped them.

Booker T came out and joined the commentary box.

Match 5 – Team Teddy defeated Team Johnny. It was a great and enjoyable match. Jey Uso pinned Damien Mizdow for the victory.

Video promo for Eric Rowan was shown

The Miz was seen inside the ring who was the host the confrontation between John Cena and Dean Ambrose. The Miz said that it was an honor for all the fans because they were getting to see the money maker hosting the Miz TV on the 15th anniversary of Smackdown. On that night, he had a better Miz TV to host because he did not have one guest but two guests to host who were going to face each other at Hell in a Cell pay per view event, and the winner of that match would face Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell on the very same night.

The Miz showed on the big screen what happened last week on Monday Night Raw. Rollins entered the ring and told that whatever happened last week was not funny. He said that he was a patient man, he stood for a lot of things but one thing one should not do was embarrass Seth Rollins. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury got summoned outside of the ring as Seth continued that he was the Money in the Bank and he was future of WWE.

Seth Rollins now looked at Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury who wanted him to come along with them. Seth asked if they wanted him to leave, he asked if they thought he did not know what he was doing out there. He knew that he was a marked man and he put a target on my back. He said that he got a news for the fans, ‘he loved it’.

John Cena suddenly came out and entered the ring. He attacked Seth Rollins straight. Seth tried to fight Cena, but when he saw it was getting difficult for him to fight, he left the ring and went to the crowd. He stood far from John Cena inside the crowd and mocked Cena. But he did not notice that Dean Ambrose was standing behind him. As Seth turned back, Dean Ambrose attacked him.

Seth ran towards the barricade as Cena pulled him back. Ambrose climbed on the barricade and jumped on both Dean Ambrose and John Cena. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury got involved in the fight now, they prevented Dean Ambrose from beating Seth Rollins. Seth escaped by the taking the advantage of the situation.

Dean Ambrose pushed Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury away and sat on the apron in disguise as he could not beat Seth time either. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena. Stephanie McMahon said that they would not let the show ruined even before it started. Everybody knew that if Seth Rollins came out in the arena alone, John Cena and Dean Ambrose would try to share pieces of him, even Seth Rollins knew it, but he let his ego come before his brain, something that John Cena and Dean Ambrose knew a little bit about.

Later, on that night, after the main event match, Triple H announced that at the next pay per view event Hell in a Cell, John Cena would go one on one with Seth Rollins, the winner would not only get to face Seth Rollins, but would face Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell. Stephanie McMahon added which meant either way either John Cena or Dean Ambrose would go Straight to hell. John Cena and Dean Ambrose confronted each other for a while. As Cena for a while, as Cena was about to leave the arena, Dean Ambrose nailed him with a DDT. The fans were really happy to see this as they cheered quite loud. The fans chanted ‘Yes’. Dean Ambrose pointed to Seth Rollins that he would end up Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell after he defeat John Cena.

The Miz confirmed that it just in that this match at Hell in a Cell between John Cena and Dean Ambrose would be a No Holds Barred contract on a pole match, which meant whoever grabbed the contract from the pole would face Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell on the same night.

Miz first welcomed Dean Ambrose, Ambrose came out to the arena and entered the ring. Miz next welcomed John Cena. Cena came out to the arena. He first hugged a child in the crowd then entered the ring.

The Miz told Dean Ambrose that he left John Cena on his back last week on Monday Night Raw, he made John Cena lie on his back. He asked Dean why he would do something like that. Dean Ambrose said that he stomped John Cena’s head on the mat last week so that he could know that Dean did not care who he was, what he had done, he did not care what he thought about himself, but nobody could cross Dean. Dean said that he did not take crap from anybody, nobody pushed him around, and if Cena did wrong, he would hunt him down, and he would make him pay for it. Seth Rollins crossed him, he was his brother, but he stabbed him in the back, so Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell belonged to Dean Ambrose. And John Cena was coming dangerously close to steal that from him, he threatened Cena that nobody stole from him.

Cena said that he was impressed, the whole WWE Universe was impressed. Ever since Dean came to WWE, he impressed everyone. They called him unstable because he did whatever he wanted, and he did not care for anyone. The authority always looked for the superstar who had IT, and last week on Monday Night Raw, after he crashed Cena’s head on the mat, he proved that he had IT.

Cena took out some Tennis Balls and said that it took this to do whatever anybody wanted (it was funny). He said that it was what the fans wanted to see. Cena talked about himself that he had been walking out in this ring for twelve years and fighting every opponent with a smile in his face. He confirmed that at Hell in a Cell he would give one of the best matches of all time against Dean Ambrose.

The Miz said that Cena liked his chances. He told Dean that Cena was a fifteen times world champion, he defeated everybody who stood in his path. He asked Dean if he thought he had a chance against THE John Cena. Dean Ambrose simplu replied ‘Yep’. Miz asked how would he do it. Dean said that he did not think he would do it, he knew he would do it.

Miz tried to provoke Cena, Cena threatened him to shut up. Cena attempted to leave by saying that he would meet him at Hell in a Cell. Miz prevented Cena and said that he could not go like this. He wanted Cena and Ambrose fight, he said the fans also wanted to see this. Cena said that the fans wanted to see them fight, but they wanted to see them fight Miz. Cena and Ambrose attacked miz and beat him down. Cena quickly picked up Ambrose and AA on him. Cena stood tall and Dean Ambrose lied on the floor as the show went off air.


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