WWE Smackdown 10th October – Stephanie McMchon, Teddy Long, John Laurinaitis segment

Jeet / 12 October 2014

Lillian Garcia welcomed the first ever general manager of Smackdown and one of the principal owners of WWE Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie McMahon entered the ring and welcomed the fans to the 15th anniversary of Smackdown. She asked the fans if they remember the superstar who went to the fraise of Smackdown, then she confirmed that superstar was the people’s champ, the great one, the man who lost to her husband Triple H on the very first episode of Smackdown, The Rock.

Stephanie McMahon said that she was very proud to be the first general manager of Smackdown because she got to share so many moments with the fans on the show.

Before Stephanie McMahon could proceed she was interrupted by John Laurinaitis. Yep Big Johnny was back in the house. Johnny entered the ring and gave an introductory speech, he told that for those who did not know him, he was a former general manager for both Raw and Smackdown.

Johnny said that he thought who better could help to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Smackdown than the man who created the greatest movement ever in WWE history, which was the people power. Johnny and Stephanie hyped the WWE Network a little after that. Johnny said that he had a lot of matches for the night to make.

Before Johnny could proceed he was interrupted by Theodore Long. Oh yes, Teddy Long was back as well. The fans cheered for Teddy really hard. JBL made a very funny thing as he left the announce table and ran towards Teddy to shake hands with him.

Teddy Long entered the ring and grabbed a mic as the fans chanted Teddy’s name. Teddy told Laurinaitis that he was the general manager of Smackdown for six years and he would be damned that Johnny trying to step over him. Johnny said that there was a reason behind it, he was always better than him, and even today.

To show he was actually better Teddy, he said that he would make such a match that fans would love to see. He made a tag team match for the night which was The Miz and Cesaro vs. Jack Swagger and Sheamus. Then he taunted Teddy by saying ‘now can you feel that player?’

Teddy Long said that he would make it a six man tag team match; Bo Dallas, Cesaro and The Miz taking on against Sheamus, Jack Swagger and Mark Henry. Johnny said that he would make it a ten man tag team match; Cesaro, Bo Dallas, The Miz and the tag team champions Gold and Stardust taking on against Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry and the Usos.

Teddy Long said since this was the 15th anniversary of Smackdown, he was going to propose something for the night that had never been done before, and that would be a fifteen man tag team match. Johnny said that Stephanie could not do that because a fifteen man tag team match was not possible.

Teddy Long said that it would very possible, so he match would be Cesaro, Bo Dallas, The Miz and the tag team champions Gold and Stardust, Mini Gator and Slater Gator taking on against Sheamus, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry and the Usos, Los Matadores, El Torito and Tito Santana.

Stephanie McMahon said that Tito Santana was not even here, but she told she liked the proposal and the fans would be really happy to see such a match, they would love Teddy so much. The fans cheered hard for Teddy. She told since two of them were always in the mind of competition, so she was going a little bit of idea from WrestleMania 28, so they would have team Johnny vs. Team Teddy. She asked them to decide which team they would like to be the captain of, the winner of tonight’s competition would become the greatest general manager of all time.

Both Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis agreed with Stephanie McMahon’s decision. She talked about the block buster announcement from last week’s Monday Night Raw, as John Cena would face the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose at the Hell in a Cell pay per view event, and the winner of that match would go on to face Seth Rollins inside the Hell in a Cell. So tonight, The Miz would host a face to face confrontation between Dean Ambrose and John Cena.

Adam Rose with his came out with his team. They came out to the ring in their as usual dancing style. Adam Rose wished Happy Birthday to Smackdown and it was the time to party, but there was no meaning of a party without Adam Rose. He called Stephanie as ‘Stephi’ and he wanted her not to be a lemon, be a rosebud.

Stephanie said that Adam was right, and it was the party time so Adam Rose should be in action. She made a match for Adam Rose. Rose and his friends were really happy to hear this. Stephanie named the opponent of Adam Rose who was Kane. Rose and his friends stopped celebrating after hearing the name of Kane. Adam Rose’s music hit again and Stephanie McMahon started dancing, Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis danced with her.



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