WWE Smackdown 12/12/14: Recap

Jeet / 13 December 2014

Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw main event was shown where John Cena defeated Big Show by disqualification. Big Show dominated John Cena throughout the match but Cena waa about to pick up the victory with the AA on Big Show. J & J security and Seth Rollins attacked Cena and allowed the match go to disqualification. Rollins attempted to Curb Stomp Cena from on top of a ladder but Ziggler interfered and saved Cena. They started fighting back as Big Show nailed both Cena and Ziggler with knock out punch. Eric Rowan came out and Luke Harper attacked him from behind. Big Show choke slammed Rowan on the Steel Step. Ryback came out and started to fight Big Show and Luke Harper. Kane came out and attacked Ryback with a Steel Chair. Kane knocked out Ryback with the chair, on the other hand, Ziggler was driven through the table placed inside the ring by Luke Harper. At outside of the ring Seth Rollins power bombed John Cena through the announce table. Big Show, Seth Rollins, Luke Harper and Kane stood tall inside the ring as the show went off air.

Check the WWE Slamy Awards which was presented on Raw this past monday.

The show started as John Cena came out to the arena. The entered the ring and started things off as he said that in just two days they were going to have the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay per view event. Before he could start his promo properly Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins interfered him. The J & J security was with him.

Seth Rollins wanted John Cena to shut up. He asked Cena how many times Cena came out to the arena in the last ten years before a huge match of him was scheduled to take place in a pay per view event. He said that Cena was in the spot in those ten years because in that spell of time he did ninety nine times out of hundred he did exactly the thing what he told, that much good he was. But after this Sunday when Rollins would defeat him at TLC, there would be a new standard set for the things that Seth said he was going to do ninety nine times out of a hundred.

Rollins continued as he said that Cena always said that the future of WWE had to go through him. Rollins said that the future did not exist without Seth Rollins. Cena always wanted to spare Seth. He reminded that on Monday Cena said that it was about stepping up or stepping aside/ Seth said that Cena’s time was up, and Seth’s time was then.

Seth reminded Cena that at TLC, he did not have to pin Cena neither had he need to make him submit. All he had to do was what he did for the past two weeks was crashing Cena through a table.

Cena wanted the fans to mark the date on their calendars, the day Seth Rollins finally became a man. Cena said that he was serious, he could see the Shield anywhere around him anymore neither could he see the authority beside him. What he could see was a proud confident Seth Rollins standing on his own feet believing that he had a chance to walk out as the winner this Sunday and that was exactly what Cena wanted, because after Cena defeated him this Sunday, he was going to wake up, looking into the mirror to say that he was just not ready. Cena said that Seth was bad, but he was not that good to step foot into the ring with the man who ran this place. This Sunday, Seth Rollins had a tables match with John Cena, and he would realize why John Cena was the best at Sunday nights. Seth could claim himself as the future of WWE, but the future was not coming very soon because John Cena was here.

Seth said that Cena did not get to understand it, he was talking like the future was a far of distance place. Seth wanted Cena to look at Seth, he claimed that he was the embodiment of the future and he would prove it again this Sunday at TLC. He said that this Sunday would be beginning of the end mark for John Cena and the rise of Seth Rollins.

Cena told him that Rollins’ confidence made him look like a fool. He was good, he was gifted, he had a bright future in the WWE, but WWE was Cena’a life and he would be going with all those who thought the same. From Renee Dupree to Triple H, from Orlando Jordan to the Rock, he survived them all, because he never gave up.

Match 1 – The Usos defeated Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. Superb match to start things off. Jimmy Uso pinned Cesaro to earn the victory for his team.

Backstage The Miz (and Damien Mizdow) confronted Naomi and urged to try her luck into the luck in the Hollywood. Naomi said that she understood that he was playing mind games before the tag team championship match. Miz told that he was just trying to help her, and tried to inject in Naomi’s mind that Jimmy was jealous of her.

Later, Backstage Naomi and Jimmy talked to each other where Naomi looked angry on Jimmy and she told that she could make her own decisions and she was a strong woman.

Match 2 – WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella defeated Alicia Fox in a non title match. Nikki pinned Alicia with the Nikki Rack Attack.

Match 3 – Big E defeated Goldust. Big E pinned Goldust with the Big Ending.

Match 4 – Jack Swagger defeated Titus O’ Neil by submission. Swagger made Titus submit by the Patriot Lock submission maneuver.

Main Event – Eric Rowan, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback defeated Kane, Big Show and WWE Intercontinental champion Luke Harper in a six man tag team match. Ryback pinned Luke Harper with the Shell Shocked. After the match, Kane attacked with a steel chair just like last week of Monday Night Raw. Rowan knocked out Big Show on the outside of the ring. Ziggler came inside the ring and super kicked Kane, Rowan brought a table inside the ring and Ryback knocked out Kane with the steel chair. Rowan and Ziggler drove out Kane and Harper out of the tring with the help of the ladder. Ryback, Ziggler and Rowan stood inside the ring tall as the show went off air.


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