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WWE Smackdown 12th December – Seth Rollins, Big Show and Kane addressed John Cena, Eric Rowan and Ryback 

Seth Rollins, Kane, Big Show and the J & J security was seen inside the ring. Seth Rollins started things off as he said that it was almost that time of the year again. The fans started chanting ‘You Sold Out!’ Rollins confirmed that he was not talking about the Christmas holiday, he hated Christmas, he said that he was talking about the annual pay per view of the year TLC. Tables, Ladders and Chairs were actually this year could be called Tables, Ladders, Chairs and sands.

Rollins said that at TLC he would be competing against the beloved superhero of the fans John Cena in a tables match with the condition that if John Cena lost he would no longer be the no 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. It excited him that he could be one to take away everything from John Cena that he had been working for.

Rollins said that the best part was he did not have to make Cena tap out, even though he could, he did not have to pin Cena even though he already have Survivor Series, all he had to do was what he did to John Cena last week on Monday Night Raw, putting John Cena through a table. At TLC he would make John Cena realize that Seth was the future of WWE, and what Cena worked for was gone. TLC would be more like a demolition derby where the key phrase was demolish. There would be tables surrounding the ring, and John Cena was surely going to fall to him at TLC.

Big Show started talking now, he said that he had been in the WWE for a long time. He had thousands of matches, chair matches, table matches, ladder matches, hardcore matches, lumberjack matches, but it was his first steel stare match, and that meant he as a giant could swing those steel stares right into his opponent’s body, he said that he would show what he would do to Eric Rowan and he went out of the ring, he took the steel stare in his hand and started beating it on the other. He went back to the ring and said he did not care about what Eric Rowan was, he only cared about what he would do to him at TLC. Eric Rowan was going to be eating the stares.

Kane spoke out now. He said when they spoke of eating, that would bring them to Ryback whose favorite expression was ‘feed me more.’ But when he would face Ryback at TLC in a chairs match, the only thing that he would going to be fed was chair after chair after chair. Santino Marella interfered and he announced a tag team match for the main event of the show; Seth Rollins and Big Show vs. Ryback and Eric Rowan.


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