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WWE Smackdown 15/8/14 – Recap 

The show started as Dean Ambrose entered the arena for the first contest of the night. Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where Seth Rollins was leaving the arena after winning his match against Rob Van Dam. As he was standing on entrance stage, Dean Ambrose attacked him from behind who was hiding in the corpses of Hulk Hogan’s birthday celebration. Seth Rollins was somehow able to avoid the beating this time again as he escaped through the crowd and Dean Ambrose could not chase him.

Dean Ambrose stood in the ringside as Cesaro came out as the opponent of him for the first contest of the night. The match started as Cesaro entered the arena.

Match 1 – Dean Ambrose defeated Cesaro. A very good match, Dean Ambrose pinned Cesaro with the Dirty Deeds. Seth Rollins came out to the arena after the match. Seth said that he and Ambrose are finally going one on one this Sunday at Summerslam in a Lumberjack match, a match of Dean Ambrose’s choice, a match where twenty WWE superstars would be surrounding the ring who did not like them very much to make sure that neither of the two could run or hide in the birthday presents or in the trunk of a car. The moment any person stepped out of the ring, one or all those Lumberjacks would throw him right back in ring. This Sunday, Seth Rollins would prove to Dean Ambrose that and to the entire WWE Universe what he had known from the beginning; he was the future of this company and he was better than Dean Ambrose. He was better than some lunatic person who did not give a damn of his physical condition. He was better than the one who should be locked away, he was better than someone who his friend, never his brother, was never and whom he never gave a damn anymore in the first place. Seth Rollins posed with the Money in the Bank briefcase as Dean Ambrose posed from inside the ring.

WWE Intercontinental champion The Miz came out to the arena for the Miz TV segment. The Miz started things off as he first thanked the fans and welcomed everyone to the Miz TV; the talk show headline with the talk of the town, The Miz. He thanked the fans again and said that this Sunday Summerslam would take place in a city populated with people like VIPs, people who knew how to appreciate and celebrate. Now he wanted the fans to sit down, he wanted them to close their eyes, and he wanted them to imagine the time when he successfully defended his WWE Intercontinental championship against Dolph Ziggler. He said that they could about the money maker all day long, but he was feeling very charitable in that time, he wanted to give back something to the young WWE superstars, which brought him to his guest of the night who was the man who would the Viper Randy Orton at Summerslam. He requested the fans to welcome his guest of the night Roman Reigns.

Roman Reigns came out to the arena through the arena. The fans cheered for him thoroughly. The Miz welcomed Roman and praised his recent works, the Miz said that he was his mother’s favorite superstar apparently. But this this Sunday he was going to get one on one with one of the biggest superstars of the WWE in one of the biggest stages that WWE could offer, he asked if Roman Reigns was nervous, because if he failed to manage the victory over Randy Orton then he would always be remembered as a guy with a nice smile and straight hair, he would be remembered as the guy who was once on the Miz TV that would be an honorable achievement in his career. He asked Roman Reigns if he knew the fact that he was so close from becoming the superstar but he just could not rise in the occation.

Roman Reigns tried to say something but Miz prevented him and said that he knew that Roman was counting Miz as a person whom he wanted to take advise from, so he suggested him to ask any question he wanted to because he was an open book, he could help him by any way.

Once again Roman was about to say something and Miz prevented him by saying he was the only WWE superstar to feature in various successful films. Roman did not let Miz finish and punched right into the face of the Miz. The Miz fell down from the ring and lied flat for a while. As he woke up, he attempted to enter the ring to fight Reigns, but as Reigns stood up, Miz escaped.

Reigns excited the fans by taking the name of the local place. He said that Randy Orton was known as the Viper and that was for a damn good reason, because with that attitude, he won championships after championships and he respected that which brought Randy Orton every reason to respect him when he beat this Sunday at Summerslam.

Backstage Miz met the Director of Operations Kane. Kane said that they needed to talk, Miz said they indeed needed a talk, he complained about Roman as he said that he brought him on the Miz TV to give him a valuable lesion, what he did was trying to damage the money maker. Some people did not understand the value of this face. Roman Reigns should be banned from the Miz TV. Miz attempted to leave, Kane stopped him and said he wanted to give him an opportunity. He announced a match between The Miz and Roman Reigns.

Match 2 – Dolph Ziggler defeated Titus O’ Neil. Ziggler pinned Titus with the Zig Zag. Heath Slater was in Titus’ side. The two might be tag team partners but they were not doing very good together. They fought during Hulk Hogan’s birthday celebration which was shown on the big screen before the start of the match.

Match 3 – Mark Henry defeated Luke Harper by disqualification. Henry was about to hit the World’s Strongest Slam on Harper, but Eric Rowan entered during it and hit a big boot which led the referee to call for the disqualification. Big Show came in for the help but Harper and Rowan attempted to escape. Kane came out and stopped them from leaving. He announced a tag team match between all four superstars.

Match 4 – Mark Henry and The Big Show defeated The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper and Eric Rowan). Mark Henry picked Eric Rowan up into the position of the World’s Strongest Slam and Big Show came in as he hit the Knockout punch on the face Eric Rowan, Henry then hit the World’s Strongest Slam and pinned him to win the match.

The storyline between Stephanie McMahon and Brie Bella was shown. They showed how all the things started. Brie Bella quit WWE and slapped right into the face of Stephanie McMahon at the Payback pay per view event. A month ago, Brie Bella came out as an audience in the Monday Night Raw where Stephanie McMahon slapped her after a heated conversation and security escorted her. Brie took legal action against Stephanie and led her to get arrested. By the next week, Stephanie McMahon got the bell and she requested Brie to withdraw the case she filed on her. Brie gave her two conditions, first, she wanted her job back which Stephanie granted her back instantly, and second, he wanted a match against Stephanie McMahon at Summerslam. Stephanie requested her not to ask for something like that but Brie was determined, so she had to give what she wanted. Last week, Stephanie brought Daniel Bryan’s physical therapist Megan Miller who admitted that she was having an affair with Daniel Bryan. Brie came out and slapped Megan. Later on that night, Stephanie forced Brie to get arrested for slapping Megan.

Match 5 – Eva Marie defeated WWE Divas champion AJ Lee by count out. Paige once again made interference during her match and AJ Lee this time attacked Paige wand kept fighting her outside of the ring, which led the match go to count out. As AJ Lee went inside the ring to get her hands on Eva Marie, Paige attacked AJ and beat her down.

Match 6 – Jack Swagger defeated Bo Dallas by Submission. Jack Swagger made Bo Dallas submit by the Patriot Lock.

Main Event – Roman Reigns defeated The Miz. Good match, Roman Reigns pinned The Miz with the Spear. Dolph Ziggler was on the entrance stage to watch the Miz. Roman Reigns celebrated after the match as the show went off air.

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