The show started as Fandango came out for the first contest of the night. It was a tag team contest, The Miz came out as his tag team partner. WWE United States champion Sheamus came out as their first opponent, and Dolph Ziggler came out as Sheamus’ tag team partner and Fandnago and The Miz’s tag team partner.

Match 1 – Dolph Ziggler and WWE United States champion Sheamus defeated The Miz and Fandango. Very good match to kick things off. Dolph Ziggler pinned The Miz with the Zig Zag finishing maneuver.

Dean Ambrose came out for the segment of the night. Dean Ambrose started things off by saying that he had been the thing for last two years that Seth Rollins was the smart one, Seth Rollins was the architect of the Shield, he had a big brain. Dean accepted the fact the Seth was smart. He said that when he saw he could not beat him down single handedly, he took the help from his buddies Kane and Randy Orton and beat him down. He was taken to the hospital. But such assaults would not take him away from being on Smackdown and certainly, it could not take him away from destroying Seth at Battleground on the following Sunday.

He asked Seth if that was all he got. He asked if that was all the authority got. He said that that was not the actual question because he would found it out and did not want to wait till Sunday. He wanted Seth to come out to the ring to fix things up between them.

Seth Rollins appeared on the big screen with a smile in his face. He said that Ambrose was so talented but he just could not seem to figure it out that without Seth, Ambrose was nothing. Without him, he was just like a babbling out of control lunatic destined for an insane asylum. He said that after Monday Night Raw, he seemed to have more guts than brains. He wanted to him to think about the fact that Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins was like a first time ever Shield vs. Shield and that was a huge box office draw, there was nothing in this world he would love more than coming down to the arena and destroy Dean Ambrose again. But that was not going to happen on that night because he was medically cleared after what happened after Monday Night Raw.

Dean said that it seemed like he was scared, and he should be scared because it was the time to face the fears, he wanted to him out to the arena to get the beating from him that he deserved.

Seth said that he thought he was really tough, so he wanted to give him a chance to show how tough he actually was. He announced Triple H’s decision about his match on that night, against Kane. Kane looked to be standing beside Seth Rollins.

Match 2 – Alicia Fox vs. Eva Marie went to a no contest. Nikki Bella was the special guest referee of the match. As soon as the match started, Eva Marie started to argue with Nikki Bella. Alicia Fox and Eva Marie attacked Nikki Bella. They beat down Nikki Bella badly.

Chris Jericho came out to the arena for the next contest of the event. Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown as the Raw Rewind where Chris Jericho cut a promo on his match against Bray Wyatt at Battle ground, Bray Wyatt joined the frame and also cut a promo. Rowan and Harper attacked Jericho. Jericho escaped the ring to evade them. Bray Wyatt attacked him from behind and beat him down. He ended up with the Sister Abigail near the entrance stage floor. Before the start of this night’s match, Bray Wyatt cut a promo where he addressed Jericho as the biggest hypocrite of the world.

Match 3 – Chris Jericho defeated Luke Harper. The match was good. Jericho locked Harper in the Walls of Jericho, Rowan tried to interfere, but Jericho showed him the ground. Harper attempted a clothesline but Jericho evaded it and pinned him with a quick back pin. After the match, Eric Rowan and Bray Wyatt attacked Jericho. The Usos came out for the save. Bray Wyatt left the ring, Luke Harper and Eric Rowan followed him behind.

Last week’s match from Monday Night Raw was shown where Dolph Ziggler defeated Fandango as Summer Rae and Layla stood in the corner of Dolph Ziggler and they helped Ziggler in the victory. After the match, Summer Rae and Layla danced with Ziggler.

Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger were seen in the ring. Zeb said that they were seek hearing the praises of Russia from Rusev and Lana week after week. He said that at Battleground Jack Swagger would beat Rusev one on one. Rusev and Lana interfered. Lana said that this Sunday at Battleground Rusev would crush Swagger. Both Rusev and Swagger waved their own country’s flags.

Match 4 – Alberto Del Rio defeated Kofi Kingston. Del Rio pinned Kofi with the chest stomp.

Another match from last week’s Smackdown was shown where Nikki Bella faced Cameron and Alicia Fox in a two on one match and got beaten down.

Match 5 – Paige and WWE Divas champion AJ Lee defeated Summer Rae and Layla by submission. AJ Lee made Summer Rae pin by the Black Widow submission maneuver. After the match, Paige did not seem to be so happy on the fact that he was not tagged by AJ. But they shook hands and hugged each other in the manner that nothing had happened. Paige laughed along with AJ.

Main Event – Dean Ambrose defeated Kane by disqualification. Kane and Ambrose were fighting outside of the ring as Rollins attacked Dean from behind. Dean tried to fight back but Kane knocked him out with a chock slam. They ended up the assault with a curb stomp from Rollins on the steel step. Rollins celebrated and Dean Ambrose was out cold as the show went off air.

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