WWE Smackdown 21th Novmeber – Dean Ambrose’s Survival Kit for Bray Wyatt

Jeet / 22 November 2014

The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose came out to the arena. He said that he was not the type of superstar who came into the ring and chatter unnecessary things. They called him a mental freak, and he did not care about what they actually called him. It was not about proving anything, it was because he was a Survivor and he could continue to Survive and thrive in WWE no matter who or what stood in his way.

He told a story about his school life, a story when he was a young boy. His mother handed him a twenty dollar bill, she told him to walk down to the store, buy a packet of cigarettes and hand it over to her. So he walked along the street, he was caught by a umber bolder guys who wanted to get whatever he had with him. They beat him up pretty good and they took away the twenty dollar bill from him which his mother handed him. He told her what happened, she opened up a drawer and she pulled up a brass of knuckles. She handed it to him and told him that whatever happened should not happen again. His mother told him that these brass was his Survival kit.

He said since that day he was carrying those brass knuckles and since then he himself was a survival kit. He said that at Survivor Series he was going to break the nose of Bray Wyatt and he would take out the teeth of Bray Wyatt so he could never open his moth again. He showed his fist and said that he was going to bounce on his head over and over and over. What Bray Wyatt needed in his Survival kit was the ability to run, run and hide, hide in the shadows, he needed to run back to the woods or wherever it was he actually came from.

Dean Ambrose said that Bray Wyatt told a lot of things about him, about his father, about his past. But Bray needed to remember that he was not talking to a kid, he was talking to a grown man, and now Dean was the hunter, and Bray was the prey. At Survivor Series, Bray Wyatt would be stalked tormented and ultimately he would be out down.

Bray Wyatt appeared on the big screen. He looked behind a jail gate in the attire of an arrested convict. He asked Dean if this was how it liked to be while locked inside a cage. He said that whenever he looked at him he surely would remind Dean his father. It was his father who gave him life and left him alone to be rotten. He said that he was standing behind this bars to remind him that the apple did not fell far from the tree, this was his future as he pointed to the bars, he would going to be trapped inside the prison of his own design. He would be begging for freedom, he would be praying to the deity that did not exist so that he might save himself. But it could be different, he wanted him to join his world and he would give him a new life. Else he would found himself in the condition of his father, he told him that the saga of this story never ended, and it would never end.


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