The COO of WWE ‘The King of Kings’ Triple H came out to the arena. As he entered the ring Michael Cole interviewed him. He said that they were just two days away from Survivor Series in St. Louis Missouri live on pay per view and the WWE Network. Three weeks ago, Triple H’s father in law the chairman of WWE Mr. McMahon and made the biggest match in Survivor Series history; team Cena vs. team Authority where the stipulation would be, if the team authority lost, they would be out of power. So it looked like that Mr. McMahon offered a family challenge. Cole asked his first question to Triple H, would it be the final night of Michael Cole conducting an article of Triple H like the way it was going on in a WWE ring.

Triple H cautioned Michael Cole of the questions he asked, otherwise it might be Cole’s last interview one way or the other.

Michael Cole appreciated and said Triple H did realize that the WWE universe loathed him, and it was not his opinion, it was a fact. The WWE Universe could not stand him and his wife Stephanie McMahon. He asked could Triple h imagine the glee, the euphoria if team authority lost Sunday at Survivor Series. It would be like 1980 when the United States Hockey team defeated the Soviet Union and he gave some other examples. He asked Triple H if the things would look like that to him.

Triple H asked Michael Cole if he thought the opinion of the fans mattered to Triple H. He said that he would like to appreciate the WWE Universe because without them there would be no WWE. But on the other side of the coin, without the authority there was no WWE Universe. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon always made the best matches according to the interest of the WWE Universe. But like little kids, their opinion on him when he made those decisions was absolutely irrelevant.

Michael Cole said that rumors were running that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon’s egos were so out of control that he completely lost sight of the task in hand, that because of these egos, they no longer knew how to lead, his leadership was being called into questions heading into Survivor Series. Cole asked if there was anything true about these rumors.

Triple H said that he wanted to share a little secret. He said that life was a marathon not a sprint, he got the name of cerebral assassin in the attitude era; the greatest era in the history of this industry. At that time, talent in the WWE was unbelievable, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Mick Foley, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock and Triple H. Some could argue that some of the guys were more popular than him or they were the bigger stars and that would be an argument but what not an argument at all was, they were all gone and Triple H was still here (I was wondering why he did not mention names like Kane, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho etc. now I understood, he had to say that they were all gone) the truth was, they could never last that long, because he was smarter than all of them, he had always been smarter than all of them, and that did mean what he said all the time, the authority always won, it was what he always said, the authority always won. They were constant, and they would always be here, it did not matter if people liked them or not.

Michael Cole said that if he lost at Survivor Series he would be gone too, there was going to be no authority, so what would Raw be on Monday without the authority in charge.

Triple H said that Vince McMahon was the greatest mind that had ever existed in this industry, without Vince McMahon none of the fans would exist. The WWE did not exist, he did that because he was smarter, when there was time, there was many, but he outlasted them all, until there was only one, and then there was Vince McMahon and WWE, the WWE existed today because of Vince McMahon. And it was no ego, it was not bragging, when they said there were only two people on the face of this planet that could take his place, there were only two people on the face of this planet that could do what Vince McMahon did; one was Triple H’s wife Stephanie, and Cole was standing in the ring with the other one. Without them this place had no future, without them this place was a sinking ship.

Michael Cole asked if the authority won on Sunday what would they expect. Triple H said that was actually real question because that was going to happen. Triple H wanted the team Cena members to come out to the arena. Dolph Ziggler, The Big Show, Eric Rowan and Ryback came out and stood on the entrance stage. A footage was shown on the big screen where John Cena said on an interview given to Michael Cole that he felt responsible for them. Triple H added a new stipulation to the Team Cena vs. Authority match, if team Cena lost at Survivor Series, on Monday, every single one of them would be fired.


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