The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose came out to the arena. Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where Mick Foley confronted Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. Foley told them the viciousness of Hell in a Cell since they were both strangers inside the cell.

Ambrose entered the ring and enjoyed the crowd reaction for a while before he finally spoke up. He said that he already proved that he did not back up. He was choke slammed and curb stomped through the cinder blocks, the authority tried to shut him up anyhow they could but he never backed up.
Ambrose said that all those stuffs hurt, his bones hurt, his body hurt, but he did not back up. There was differences between him and the guy who came out in the arena last week on Monday Night Raw to make them aware of the dangers of Hell in a Cell who was Mick Foley. Mick Foley was a hardcore legend, deep down he was always a nice guy. But Ambrose was not a nice guy. He did not have a loving family to go back to and he would take his vengeance at Hell in a Cell.

Seth Rollins put a knife on Dean Ambrose’s back and he said that it was just business, but this Sunday Ambrose would show Seth what it felt to him when he backstabbed him, what it felt to him when he curb stomped him through the cinder blocks. He said that he would take his revenge on this Sunday. He said that Seth had nothing to say about this, he wanted Seth to come out to him and see.

Seth Rollins appeared on the big screen and said that he wanted Dean to get one thing perfectly cleared, he did not tell him what to do, he did not call him anything. That was not it was ever been, and nothing had changed. Seth Rollins said Dean what to do and Seth called Dean out. Later on that night, that was exactly what he was going to do.

Seth said that since Dean was talking about past, he wanted Dean to remind the past when Seth used to spoon fed Dean all those catch phrases that Dean thought backbone of their brotherhood. Seth said that Dean was an idiot to believe them.

Seth said that Dean thought that they built something special at the Shield, but it was Seth who did all the things all time long. And was talking about vengeance like something he won the jackpot in a lottery. And future was priceless, and Dean’s future to be end at Hell in a Cell and Seth’s future to be begin at the same event. And then if the time was right, he would cash in his Money in the Bank contract and become the future of WWE. Dean responded as he said that he did not care if it was his last match, at Hell in a Cell Seth was going to perish.



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