WWE Smackdown 25/7/14 – The Miz – Bo Dallas – Dolph Ziggler segment

Jeet / 27 July 2014

The Miz grabbed a mic and started things off by saying that five days at Battleground he came the new WWE Intercontinental champion. And that was what people wanted, he actually delivered what everybody wanted to see. He went on by saying that everybody wanted to hear his acceptance speech so he would like to deliver what the fans are actually looking for; his acceptance speech.

He thanked everyone for his victory in the Intercontinental championship battle royal at Sunday. He thanked the authority, the fans, his team, his agents, his managers, his social media guy, his parents. The Miz’s mother and father were present in the arena. The Miz went towards them and stood beise thm at the crowd. He asked his mother if she was proud of her. Her mother said that they were very proud of him. He asked his mother who her WWE superstar was. Her mother surprised the Miz by saying Roman Reigns and the fans were really glad to hear it, they cheered too loud.

Miz did not proceed with the conversation with her mother as soon as he heard it. He went to the ring again and changed the topic by saying that he would also like to thank his beautiful wife Maryse, he would like to thank his dogs and cats, and at the end he thanked his fans, he said that he was there because of the them, without them he could have never be there.

He said in a low tone that he would like to thank someone at the end that was the most powerful influence of his life which was the money maker and he pointed to his face.

He kept on going with his thanking every one for his achievement as Bo Dallas came out to the arena. The Miz did not seem disappointed to see him coming out. In fact he was happy to see him as he accepted his entrance with a smile.

Bo Dallas entered the ring and started things off by saying that it was totally okay that he did not take his name on his thanking list, because he knew from the bottom of his heart he won that Battle Royal because he bolieved.

The Miz said that he was a huge fan of Bo Dallas. He was a great superstar. Bo was very happy to hear that the smile on his turned broader. He said that it sounded really great.

Dolph Ziggler now came out to the arena. The fans cheered for him, finally they got someone to cheer for. Ziggler instantly started while walking towards the ring by saying that The Miz was acting like he won the Oscar and giving an appreciation speech. Hell, everyone knew how he actually won the Battle Royal. Ziggler did all the works and he just did nothing. He said that both Miz and Bo were full of crap.

Miz said that Ziggler was another WWE superstar jealous of Miz’s success. Bo said that he could be like them as well, all he had to do was to bolieve. Ziggler attacked the Miz as the Miz went out of the arena, Bo attacked Ziggler from behind.


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