The WWE tag team champions Damie Mizdow and the Miz was seen standing inside the ring. The stage was decorated in the style of the Miz TV. The Miz welcomed the fans to the Miz TV. He said that there were a lot of major moments at Survivor Series, most notably, he became WWE Tag Team champion. But that was not the only shocking thing that happened because right now he had an exclusive interview with the giant man who took a giant chance when he changed his allegiance mid way through the Survivor Series match and knocked John Cena. He requested the fans to welcome the Big Show.

The Big Show came out to the arena. Photos of Big Show’s betrayal at Survivor Series were shown during his entrance. They also showed the footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw where Big Show tried to explain himself and loathed the superstars who was whispering about his action on his back and calling Big Show a traitor. He said if anybody had to say anything to him, he wanted them say it on his face.

Eric Rowan came out to the arena. Big Show mocked Rowan and said if John Cena came out to confront Show it would have been okay, what Eric Rowan would have to say. Rowan took the mic from Big Show’s hand and said that he did not like bully and he attacked Big Show straight. He grounded Big Show with a spin kick. Big Show escaped the ring and avoided the fight.

Miz said that he was talking to a lot of superstars on the back and they had a lot of negative things to say about him, John Cena called him a traitor. Miz said that he thought joining team Cena was his biggest mistake.

Big Show said that finally someone understood his situation. Miz was absolutely right, Big Show should have never joined team Cena. He needed to do what was best for him. He had to take care of his family, the fans did not understand that. People wanted to call him traitor, because everybody wanted to settle a quick judgment.

Daniel Bryan came out to the arena. He told Big Show that Show told last week on Raw if anyone had to say anything to him, he must come to him. Bryan said that he was somebody who had something to say. He asked the fans if they were ready for Daniel Bryan Smackdown. He said that he was running the show on that night, and he had some great matches.

First he was going to put Ryback one on one against Seth Rollins for the first time. Next he announced a championship match, he announced the Intercontinental championship match between the champion Luke Harper and the former champion Dolph Ziggler.

Miz interrupted Bryan and told him not to try to stealing Miz’s spotlight. Bryan said that he could not steal his spotlights because Mizdow was already doing that. Bryan said that he had one more special announcement for the night. Big Show interrupted him that they did not want to hear from him and they were not interested in his plans. It was about Big Show right now, not Daniel Bryan’s Smackdown.

Bryan said that it was true, it was actually about Big Show, actually it was about everything. He reminded that on Raw he told Rusev if he did not say the pledge of allegiance he had to defend his title in a Battle Royal. He refused to say the pledge of allegiance, so he would be defending his championship tonight in a twenty man over the top rope battle royal, and that match would be next.


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