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WWE Smackdown 3/10/14 – Big Show apologized to Russia, Lana and Rusev responded

The Big Show came out to the arena. Footage from last week was shown where Lana said that she was going to show something to the pathetic American society which was being represented by the crowd of Chicago; where the show was taking place. They showed a photo on the big screen from last week’s Friday night Smackdown where Rusev was standing tall and Big Show was in the ground. Lana addressed the big Show as such a ‘sore looser’ who showed his ‘true colours’ when he attacked Rusev from the back in the most cowardly way. Big Show came out to the arena. Big Show did not go inside the ring, he stood on the entrance stage. The Big Show said that it really good, the way Lana twisted the facts, he saw how it worked for them. He said it showed how good Russia was, and how good Vladimir Putin was, he said believe it or not, it was just a bunch of crap. The video footage on the big screen appeared where an emotional video footage was shown featuring Mark Henry and Big Show. Then Big Show made a promise to mark Henry that he would destroy Rusev. And last week on Smackdown, Big Show actually dominated Rusev, Big Show was closing in on victory before Lana interfered and distracted Big Show. Rusev tried to take the advantage of the situation but Big Show knocked him out with the Knock Out punch. At the end of the segment, Big Show tear down the Russian flag.

The Big Show was standing inside the ring with a microphone in his hand. The fans chanted ‘USA’. Big Show that whatever happened last week was a little too much, his nationalistic pride might have got the better out of him last week but he should not have pull down the Russian flag like the way he did. He was proud of the fact that America was a country of different types of people and culture, that’s what made America the best among all.

But after last week’s Monday Night Raw, he started thinking, he thought what somebody did that to the Americans, how would any American feel if somebody pull down their flag. He said that they would be mad. Now, he could not take back his actions of last week because he actually did that. But what he could do as an American, he could stand there in front of all the fans, and sincerely, humbly, apologize to the Russian people that he might have offended. The fans booed to hear this.

Rusev and Lana interfered the Big Show. The entered the ring and Lana spoke, WWE needed to apologize for Big Show’s actions. Such acts would not be tolerated. Rusev and Lana demanded a personal apology. Big Show waited for a while and stared at both. Then he said that he had apologized to the Russian people whom he might have disrespected, for that he was sorry. However, as far as an apology to Lana and Rusev, he disrespected them both on purpose.

Rusev took the mic from Lana, he threatened Big Show for not respecting Russian flag. He spit on the Russian people, no one was bigger than the Russian flag. Big Show and America suck.

Rusev attacked Big Show with the flag. Rusev kept beating Big Show with the edge of the flag. Rusev showed Big Show ground with the Super Kick. Rusev started waving the flag. Big Show stood up slowly with a deep anger on his face. Rusev and Lana left the ring. Big Show took off his blazer and shirt. He called out Rusev for the fight and Rusev did not go to him.