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WWE Smackdown 3/10/14 – Truce between John Cena and Dean Ambrose?

John Cena came out to the arena as the show started. The crowd showed positive reaction this time. Cena entered the arena and first he excited the fans by praising the name of the city where the show was going on. He asked the fans if they were ready for Smackdown. Cena confirmed that he was also ready for Smackdown, last week he started a fight with Seth Rollins but he ended up with a fight with Dean Ambrose.

He continued as he said that they focused on beating up Seth Rollins, and they forgot that the authority was a family, and that family kicked the crap out of both of them. He told that the fans understood their obsession on Seth Rollins’ payback from Mr. Ambrose, Seth Rollins Curb Stomped his head through Cinder Blocks.

Cena talked about himself as he said that he was destroyed by Brock Lesnar at Summerslam. After the match, everybody told him that he no chance against Brock Lesnar, he needed to take this thing of fighting Brock Lesnar out of his mind. They told him that he was done, they told him that it was his time to give up. But he had Brock Lesnar beat at Night of Champions. Seth Rollins took that away from him.

John Cena said that needed that victory to prove whatever he told that made the fans believing him. The ‘Ego Maniac’ Seth Rollins saw an opportunity, who was an opportunist. Seth Rollins told that he was the future of the WWE, so he would like to give him a chance. If any young man in the locker room thought that he was the future of WWE, he had to go through John Cena to prove it.

Cena said that Seth Rollins did not have to do anything to fight Cena, he could keep his contract, he could keep his briefcase, he just needed to come out to ring and Cena would show that he did not lose the step. He would show that had two feet which could kick hard anything that came in front of them.

Dean Ambrose came out to the arena. Ambrose entered the ring and started things off by saying that Cena was not the only one to had issues with John Cena, he also had issues, he actually had a lot of issues. Especially, going toe to toe with Seth Rollins was his main issue. But he wanted to work out on those issues and he decided to make Seth Rollins pay.

John Cena said that he did not want to do this with him. Dean said that he was right, he did not want to do this with him, and neither Dean wanted to do this with Cena, he did not have to. But last week on Monday Night Raw, Cena had Ambrose’s way. Cena said that was how he was seeing it, but the thing was; Dean had a number of good matches in his small career and Cena congratulated him for that. But Dean had no idea on what it took to go one on one with Seth Rollins. Cena had Brock Lesnar beat, and Seth Rollins took that from him.

Dean Ambrose said that Cena lost one night, but Ambrose lost his career, he got his head smashed through Cinder Blocks and he would be damned if anybody prevented him from beating the hell out of Seth Rollins, and especially John Cena.

Cena said that Dean would get his wish done sooner or later, but if Cena and Ambrose eep fighting between each other, they would be shown the ground by the authority just like they were beaten down by the authority just like last week on Monday Night Raw. Cena gave him Dean Ambrose two choices, either he formed ally with John Cena by shaking hands with him, or, let things go as they were going on right now.

Dean Ambrose threw the mic off and waited to decide what to do. Cena asked him to choose between the two options. He wanted both of them to get focused, and whoever went in front him first, he would do whatever he wanted. Ambrose took his time to decide what to do exactly.

As Ambrose finally went nnear to Cena to shake hands with him, the authority (Kane, Randy Orton and Seth Rollins) appeared on the big screen. Randy Orton said that they were really happy to see that two of them were working things up. He thought that they needed friends, and they deserved each other.

Kane said that Seth told them what Dean used to say about john Cena when he was in the Shield, he used to say that John was nothing more than an over hyped action figure who could not wrestle his way out of a box of cereal.

Orton said that Cena a while ago also used to say things about Dean, he said that Dean was a nut job that he wanted to get everything by pretending to be crazy. Kane said that Dean and John might not care about what they used to say about each other in the past. Kane made a one on one match between Kane and Randy Orton vs. Cena and Ambrose later for the night and they would see if they could work as a team or they destroy each other. Kane asked Seth if he had anything to say. Seth did not say anything, he just looked at Cena and Ambrose in deep anger.