Chris Jericho came out to the arena after the footage of Chris Jericho’s return on Monday Night Raw was shown. The attack of the Wyatt Family was also shown. The crowd seemed to be the loudest of the night during Jericho’s entrance.

Jericho enjoyed the loud cheer of the crowd for a while. Then he said that for the first time in one year Y2J was back on Smackdown. To be in the center on the thousands of Jericho-Holics in the arena and the millions watching at home felt good to him. And last week’s surprise return of Jericho was one of the best moments of career, and that felt good. And then the Wyatt Family attacked him. He said that he knew after his departure, the Wyatt Family had become one of the most dominant forces in WWE history.

The Wyatt Family attacked him last week and beat down in a three on one battle and that did not feel good. And because of that he would like to say one thing to the family; ‘thank you’. He wanted to thank them for reminding him that WWE was not all about lightning jackets, musics and surprise entrances. Because WWE was about survival as well, his ring was a dangerous place and he could be more dangerous than the Wyatts could thought. Because they never faced anybody like him before, he did not look like anybody else, he did not think like anybody else, neither he act like anybody else. And that was the reason why he was the best in the World at what he did.

So the Wyatts could do whatever they wish, but if they would go crazy, he could go crazy, if they would go nuts, he could go nuts, they would never ever be the same again, Jericho promisd it.

The Wyatt Family appeared on the big screen. Bray Wyatt cut another uncanny promo, just like he always did. At the end he said, ‘Save us Chris, Save yourself’. And they disappeared from the screen.

Jericho threatened them to come out so he could show what it took to face Chris Jericho. The Miz came out before Jericho could finish The fans thoroughly booed him. Miz asked Jericho how did it feel to get interrupted. Last night on Monday Night Raw, Jericho did the same thing and he ruined the moment, a moment that everybody would remember; the return of the Miz. But Jericho tried to harm the face of the Money maker. If he ever cost any damage to the face of the money maker… Miz could not finish, as he was about to enter the ring, Jericho nailed him with the Code Breaker.


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