Santino Marella had been announced as the in charge of this week’s Friday Night Smackdown.

Footage from last week’s Monday Night Raw was shown where as an email was received from the anonymous Raw general manager. Michael Cole went on to read it. The anonymous Raw general manager said that he was back and he was not happy. With the authority is out of power, the company needs a strong leader. WWE needed him, he could not let WWE resting in the hands of washed up superstars. Therefore, he made a number of announcements.

Before Michael Cole could unveil the announcements, John Cena came out to the arena. Cena entered the ring and he said that Raw was being ran by the anonymous Raw general manager on that night. Cena said that he did not like anything about the anonymous Raw general manager. He said that both their anonymous Raw general manager and their champion John Cena had one thing in common, they both showed up once a year. But Cena was there on that night and the authority was not because they were never coming back.

John Cena mentioned the Big Show who betrayed his team. Triple H tried to temp out his team and tried everything he could to stop his team but he could not because their jobs and everything were on the line and that night they showed what a WWE superstar was all about.

The anonymous Raw general manager interfered with his blinking sound. Cena went near the device, Cole moved apart. Cena said that he would not let a faceless and heartless computer ruin their Survivor Series victory and closed the devise.

Seth Rollins came out to the arena. Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury also came out with him. Rollins entered the ring and tried to insult Cena. Rollins said that Cena was really good at taking credit, taking credit of things that he did not do. Cena did not win anything at Survivor Series, he reminded that Rollins eliminated Cena. He would have been the sole survivor for the authority but could not happen because of one man; Sting.

Cena reminded that one man from team Cena almost eliminated the entire authority single handedly and that man was Dolph Ziggler and he was here to give credit to Ziggler. Rollins said that he was there for these things, he had a question, he asked if the WWE was really better than the authority. Last week Daniel Bryan took over and who be this week, could it be JBL, or would it be Batista, or it might be Eric Bischoff. He said that every single week it would be a guessing game.

Rollins said that every week Cena came out and said that it was the show of the fans, and every week he said that what was best for them. But what was best for them was best for Cena and also best for business. At this point Cena had no choice but to bring the authority back.

Cena said that Rollins was not throwing orders, the authority was gone and they were not coming back. He was now like all of the others, he could not throw orders. Cena had the the powers and only he could bring the authority back. Rollins wanted him to do the right thing. Cena wanted Rollins to ask him nicely. Rollins waited for a while and tried to sound nice, Cena wanted him to get on his knees. The anonymous Raw general manager blinked. Cole read the announcement, Cena and Rollins would meet one on one at TLC pay per view event in a tables match where if Cena lost, he would no longer be the no 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight championship.

Suddenly Seth Rollins attacked John Cena, Cena threw Rollins out of the ring, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury attacked Cena, while Cena was dealing with them, Kane came out and choke slammed Cena. Rollins was bringing a table in as Ryback came out. Ryback single handedly took out all four men. Kane quickly fought back as he brought a steel chair and beat Ryback down. Eric Rowan came out. Rowan took out Kane, Noble, Mercury and Rollins. Big Show came out and attacked Rowan. Big Show took Rowan out of the ring and struck his head with the steel step. Dolph Ziggler came out now. He took out Big Show and brought a ladder from inside the ring. As he was getting the ladder inside, Luke Harper came out and knocked out Ziggler. He got the ladder in his hand. Noble and Mercury picked up Cena as Rollins placed the table inside the ring. Cena tried to fight back, he picked up Rollins for the AA, Harper went inside and attacked Cena, Big Show went in and knocked Cena out with the knock out punch. Rollins power bombed Cena through the table in the Shield style. Cena was out cold as the former authority stood tall on him.

On the main event John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and Ryback defeated Seth Rollins, Kane and the WWE Intercontinental champion Luke Harper in a six man tag team match. Ziggler pinned Harper to pick up the victory for his team. The fight continued after the match. As authority looked a little weaker, Big Show came out for the help. Kane and Big Show for Ryback together, Eric Rowan came out with a steel step in his hand. He started to knock out everybody with it, he entered the ring as Big Show chocked him. Big Show choked both Rowan and Ryback, Ziggler hit a super kick on Big Show and John Cena knocked out the Big Show with the Attitude Adjustment. John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Eric Rowan stood tall as the show went off air.

Dolph Ziggler and Luke Harper came out to the arena respectively for the first contest of the night. The match was scheduled for the WWE Intercontinental championship.

Match 1 – WWE Intercontinental championship – Dolph Ziggler defeated WWE Intercontinental champion Luke Harper by DQ. The match was going well, but Harper hit Ziggler a low blow and referee disqualified Harper. After the match, Harper brought out a ladder and attempted to Power Bomb Ziggler on the ladder, Ziggler countered and hit Harper a face first on the ladder. Ziggler drove out Ziggler out of the ring with the ladder. Santino Marella came out to the arena. Santino announced that Luke Harper and Dolph Ziggler would face each other at TLC pay per view event in a Ladder Match.

Exclusive footage from Monday Night Raw was shown where the No 1 contender’s spot for the tag team championship was decided via a Tag team Turmoil– The Usos defeated Gold and Stardust, The New Day (Big E and Kofi Kingston), Cesaro & Tyson Kidd and Adam Rose & the Bunny.

Details of the match – First Eliminated team – Gold and Stardust, Eliminated by the New Day, Kofi Kingston pinned Stardust for the elimination

Second Eliminated team – The New Day, Eliminated By – Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, Tyson Kidd pinned Kofi Kingston for the elimination

Third Eliminated team – Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, Eliminated By – The Usos, Jey Uso pinned Tyson Kidd for the elimination

Fourth Elimination – Adam Rose and the Bunny, Eliminated By – The Usos, Jey Uso pinned Adam Rose for the elimination.

Seth Rollins, Kane, Big Show and the J & J security was seen inside the ring. Seth Rollins started things off as he said that it was almost that time of the year again. The fans started chanting ‘You Sold Out!’ Rollins confirmed that he was not talking about the Christmas holiday, he hated Christmas, he said that he was talking about the annual pay per view of the year TLC. Tables, Ladders and Chairs were actually this year could be called Tables, Ladders, Chairs and sands.

Rollins said that at TLC he would be competing against the beloved superhero of the fans John Cena in a tables match with the condition that if John Cena lost he would no longer be the no 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. It excited him that he could be one to take away everything from John Cena that he had been working for.

Rollins said that the best part was he did not have to make Cena tap out, even though he could, he did not have to pin Cena even though he already have Survivor Series, all he had to do was what he did to John Cena last week on Monday Night Raw, putting John Cena through a table. At TLC he would make John Cena realize that Seth was the future of WWE, and what Cena worked for was gone. TLC would be more like a demolition derby where the key phrase was demolish. There would be tables surrounding the ring, and John Cena was surely going to fall to him at TLC.

Big Show started talking now, he said that he had been in the WWE for a long time. He had thousands of matches, chair matches, table matches, ladder matches, hardcore matches, lumberjack matches, but it was his first steel stare match, and that meant he as a giant could swing those steel stares right into his opponent’s body, he said that he would show what he would do to Eric Rowan and he went out of the ring, he took the steel stare in his hand and started beating it on the other. He went back to the ring and said he did not care about what Eric Rowan was, he only cared about what he would do to him at TLC. Eric Rowan was going to be eating the stares.

Kane spoke out now. He said when they spoke of eating, that would bring them to Ryback whose favorite expression was ‘feed me more.’ But when he would face Ryback at TLC in a chairs match, the only thing that he would going to be fed was chair after chair after chair. Santino Marella interfered and he announced a tag team match for the main event of the show; Seth Rollins and Big Show vs. Ryback and Eric Rowan.

Match 2 – The New Day (Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston) defeated Tyson Kidd and Cesaro.

Backstage Naomi was seen with flowers. She looked so happy to have those flowers. Jimmy came out to her, Naomi kissed him and thanked him for the flowers. Jimmy said that he did not bring these flowers. There was a card in the flowers, Jimmy took it out and it was written “Apologies, From Miz.” Jimmy threw the flowers away in disgust.

Match 3 – One Half of the tag team champions The Miz defeated Jey Uso. Damien Mizdow created distraction for Jey and Miz took the advantage of the situation and pinned him with a quick Skull Crishing Finale.

Match 4 – Naomi defeated Brie Bella. Nikki Bella attempted to distract Naomi but AJ Lee prevented her, Naomi quickly pinned Brie with a School Girl Pin.

Main Event – Ryback and Eric Rowan defeated Seth Rollins and the Big Show. Kane was outside of the ring who continuously kept distracting Ryback and Rowan. The referee got frustrated and he ordered Kane to leave. Meanwhile, Big Show was tagged by Rollins which referee did not allow since he did not see it. Rowan took Big Show out of the ring, and Ryback pinned Rollins with the Shell Shocked finishing maneuver. Ryback and Eric Rowan stood tall inside the ring as the show went off air.

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