The Peep Show of Chritian was next. Christian entered the arena and the fans cheered for him really loud. Christian entered the ring and said that he was looking for one more episode of the Pee Show, and it looked like he got a lot of Peeps in that arena, he told this to excite the fans.
Christian said that a lot of shocking going around WWE, one of them was the stipulation announced by Mr. McMahon earlier this week on Monday Night Raw. He asked the fans whom they picked, he asked who picked team Authority. The fans booed. Christian then asked who wanted to see the Authority lost power and who would pick team Cena. The fan cheered this time.

Dean Ambrose interfered Chrisitan before he could complete his words and introduce his guest who was Dean Ambrose actually. Footage from Hell in a Cell was shown where Seth Rollins was dominated by Dean Ambrose but Bray Wyatt came out to the arena and cost Dean Ambrose his match against Seth Rollins.

Christian introduced the Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose as he said that he apparently did not want to wait for an introduction. Christian told Dean that last time he saw him he was in the Shield, and now he had made a lot of enemies. He asked Dean what he liked being the Dean Ambrose right now.
Dean said that he did not see anyone as his friends or enemies around every corner, but he could have it any other way. Christian said that one of those enemies seemed to be Bray Wyatt. He cost his match at Hell in a Cell against Seth Rollins, the question was why, why did he do it.
Dean Ambrose waited for a while and then he said that he did not know, he asked Christian since he had been doing it for quite a long time. Why would anybody go after somebody, usually because they wanted to take something away from them. The interesting part was, Dean Ambrose did not have anything to be taken away. Bray Wyatt did not want any championship or anything like that from him so what did he want. He thought Bray Wyatt loved to play mind games with people like Dean Ambrose. But it was unfortunate for bray Wyatt that Dean’s mind was a very dangerous thing to play with. Bray Wyatt thought he knew him, but he did not, nobody knew him. He loved to play games because it was fun and he was scared of Bray Wyatt.
Bray Wyatt came out to the arena. He said that there were nothing to fear for Dean because Dean had nothing to lose. There was a time when Dean had something to fight for, a time when he had safety and security with the Shield. But that security was taken away. But did not he know who Bray Wyatt was and what he did. I healed Eric Rowan and Luke harper and he could heal Dean too. All he had to do was take his hand. But he understood that salvation was not for everyone. He once offered his hands to Daniel Bryan who defied him. But Dean could be different, Bray could fix him. Dean had nothing to lose, even his own father turned his back on him. He asked if he still sent post cards from prison.

Dean Ambrose went towards Bray Wyatt kept shouting ‘Tell me I am wrong Dean, prove me wrong.’ As Dean edged near Bray, lights went off, when it came back, Bray was standing behind Dean. Bray shouted in Dean’s ears ‘Run!’ The lights went off again. The light went off again. When it came back, Bray was nowhere.



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