WWE Smackdown full results: Jericho Styles epic match, Dudleyz bade farewell to tables

Arindam Paul / 12 February 2016

With high anticipation of his rematch against AJ Styles, Jericho kicked off Smackdown with the question whether his new rival really is as good as his moniker suggests before calling The Phenomenal One down to the ring for their highly anticipated showdown. The social outcast members interrupted however as the two were engaging in an early encounter and the duo eventually teamed up to take on them.

Styles and Jericho vs. Curtis Axel and Adam Rose

Despite their mismatches after finding themselves at the same team, the tremendous competitive nature made them outsmarting the social outcast members. Adam Rose & Curtis Axel were the unlucky recipients of this offensive onslaught as Y2J hit the Lionsault on The Radical Mongoose before The Phenomenal One tagged himself into the contest and hit a spectacular flying elbow for the victory.

Dudleys said goodbye to the tables

The Dudleys had attacked the Usos shockingly at the end of their match on RAW. So they offered an explanation for the WWE universe for the same on Smackdown. Bubba Ray & D-Von made it clear that they didn’t return for a farewell tour, instead the self-proclaimed “baddest tag team on the planet” and so they just wanted to add some more to their legacy. Being said that they declared that they are done using the tables.

Sasha Banks vs. Naomi

The happenings were on both inside and outside the ring in between the match as Becky Lynch joined the commentary team and Tamina broke out a brawl with her. These four will eventually square off in a tag team match and it was evident that they all made their presence felt. Sasha countered the roll up by Naomi to a bank statement to pick up the win.

Bray Wyatt and his family sent a message to the WWE universe that they started a war and it’s just the beginning.

The Lucha Dragons and Neville vs. The Cosmic Wasteland

The high-flying superstars got blindsided before the match even started but they dominated the entire match up. Konnor met three consecutive finishing moves Salida Del Sol, Sin Cara’s Swanton bomb and finally with Neville’s Red Arrow.

Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles

The highly anticipated rematch did not disappoint as both Superstars put on another spectacular five-star match in the main event. At the end, Styles got caught with a “rookie” mistake and Jericho took the fullest advantage to win the match. Jericho tripped Styles when he missed a top-rope springboard maneuver back into the ring. Jericho hit the Codebreaker to pick up the win. The rivalry has been on a personal note as of now and we sure can expect a rubber match between these two and that is going to happen at Fastlane, probably.

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