WWE Smackdown video: A huge brawl broke out on the opening of the show

Arindam Paul / 07 September 2016

WWE Smackdown Live is on a roll for a few weeks now and tonight marked the final show before the returning Backlash PPV on this Sunday. Tonight’s show came live from the Pinnacle bank arena in Lincoln, NE with the expectations to build up the final hype for the show and it delivered even more as we head towards the first-ever PPV from Smackdown.
We expected to heat up the WWE World title rivalry for the final time before Backlash. We did not see Styles playing his dirtiest games against Dean Ambrose thus far. So we expected to see this finally, on tonight’s show. Last week’s show ended with Styles caught between the ropes. His situation has made him a troll around the internet since then. Tonight, he is supposed to make a big statement to claim his first championship title at Backlash.

Also, we will see a huge six-pack challenge to crown a new Women’s champion for their division. This is going to be the first-ever six pack challenge in the Women’s division. Nikki Bella and Carmella were supposed to continue with their ongoing feud and since they are the only one to an ongoing storyline, we are expecting any one of them holding the championship at Backlash.

With that being said, the show kicked off with Daniel Bryan showcasing the Smackdown Women’s championship inside the middle of the ring. The six contenders showed up to make their own statement for the championship. However, with tensions running high it was not possible that things go smoothly and hence a huge brawl broke out among them.
Later tonight, we have got the face and the heel team faced each other in a six women tag team contest. It was thought that it would be the face team to pick up the victory since Nikki Bella is the strongest contender for the championship victory. But, quite shockingly it the princess of the state island, Carmella locked in her code of silence on Nikki Bella. With the full strength on her broken neck, Nikki had no choice but to tap out.