Going by the history stables does provide with better effect in WWE Storyline but nothing really much going on with the League of Nations and most importantly nobody really cannot connecting with the international brethren, WWE had taken the decision to split them up, as per previous reports and they had split down on tonight’s episode of WWE Smackdown.
WWE Creative has messed up plans around the group and the end for them was inevitable and the exact thing happened on Smackdown. The exclusion of King Barrett from the group, the night after Wrestlemania 32 was the first step of splitting them up. The recent build ups indicated the end was near even though they earned a victory over the tag team champions at Wrestlemania.
According to wrestlingINC.com, Smackdown tapings saw Del Rio and Rusev walking out on Sheamus during a six man tag match against Sami Zayn, Kalisto, and Cesaro, which marked the end of League of Nations. The faces won the contest via count-out. Later at backstage Sheamus confirmed the split as he went on saying that he didn’t need any help and done with his international brethren.

They were scheduled for a fight with the Wyatt family at WWE Payback but with Bray Wyatt getting injured, the plans were nixed. The League of Nations member Alberto Del Rio recently commented in an interview “Actually we will not do anything else with The Wyatt Family because there are so many injuries within the company. We as a group have never worked very well, so we decided that it is better to separate.”
League of Nations was founded back in last December, the time when Sheamus became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion at Survivor Series. With Sheamus as the lead, the stable also included Alberto Del Rio, Rusev, and King Barrett. The name of the group “League of Nations” came in a way as the members of it were not born in the United States and came together to proudly represent their respective nations in WWE.

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