WWE Star Mandy Rose Shows Never Ending Legs From A Yacht Day

WWE Star Mandy Rose Shows Never Ending Legs From A Yacht Day

Mandy Rose
courtesy Instagram

Mandy Rose is a treat for her global fanbase when it comes to social media. At a time when WWE has the least to offer something meaningful to her, this is the brightest that she could expect for herself. At least, these are something that the Raw superstar has excelled in which also keep people reminding about her presence. She does have 2.7 million followers for a reason.

The latest set of photos from Mandy Rose Instagram account appeared to be some snaps from a vacation day. The blonde-head Diva was seen enjoying the breeze of the seaside while riding on a yacht. She had friends and family members by her side to accompany her.

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WWE Star Mandy Rose Shows Never Ending Legs From A Yacht Day 1

The Golden Goddess was wearing a red Monokini attire who decided to put up her never-ending legs on display. In a number of Insta stories, she was showing her sun-kissed legs. Plus, as given in these shots, she looks absolutely stunning while posing on the yacht. The caption of the photos stated, ‘Love a good yacht day.’

Mandy Rose considers legs to be her best assets

WWE Star Mandy Rose Shows Never Ending Legs From A Yacht Day 2

Mandy Rose must be having fun showcasing her legs to the fans as she considered these two to be the best assets of her body. She previously revealed the same in a separate Insta post, last year. Now that she has gained more confidence over her body, we might often see her legs in the future.

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While appearing on the Chasing Glory Podcast, Mandy Rose with the host Lilian Garcia about the struggles she faced when her parents divorced during her adolescence. It made an adverse effect on her personal relationships, down the road. Rose then also admitted that she dealt with body insecurities following her bodybuilding career in 2013. Now, she is in a better place as she takes better care of her body.

“I’m at a really good place, I think now. With bodybuilding, it sometimes can mess you up in the sense of getting your body to a certain point where you see yourself on stage, and you’re like, ‘Wow,’ but knowing that’s not an everyday lifestyle look, or whatever you want to call it,” she stated. “Right now, my biggest thing is that I don’t stress about it anymore. I eat well, and I work out a ton, but there are so many times where I don’t worry about what I’m eating. And I noticed that I’m happy with the way my body is.”