WWE Summerslam results

Jeet / 19 August 2014

It was a good event. However, the main event was absolutely awful. Unfortunaely it could become the best Summerslam in the history although it had the potential to be the one. The most notable thing about this event is, all the three titles that had been defended in this event was lifted by the new champions. Let us talk about all the matches of the event in details;

Match 1WWE Intercontinental championship – Dolph Ziggler defeated the Miz to become new champion – It was an average match to start things off. The two individuals did a good job in this small time to impress the fans. There performances were also good. It was a little unpredictable that they would crown Ziggler the champion as soon as Miz just won the title in the previous event. But we cannot say it was a bad decision to crown him the champion. Ziggler is a fan favorite and he was kept away from the spotlights for quite a long time. So somehow he deserved to win the championship. As for the Miz, he was turned a n undercard before his the shooting of film and after his return he is getting a good push through the Intercontinental championship. I have always said that Miz is a better heel than a face which is now getting proved. This new gimmick of him, protecting his face which he called the ‘Moneymaker’ is quite interesting. We can clearly see that this feud between Dolph Ziggler and The Miz is going for a while more. The feud is definitely interesting, but I would say, to make it a little more interesting, they should add a decent storyline.

Match 2 – Singles match for the WWE Divas championship – Paige defeated AJ Lee to become new champion – It all started in the post WrestleMania week of Monday Night Raw where the WWE Divas champion AJ Lee was talking about herself when she was interrupted by Paige whom AJ Lee gave title match. Paige vs. AJ in that match and won the Divas championship in her debut. After losing the championship, AJ remained missing for two months and then she finally made her return and challenged Paige for a championship rematch. Paige agreed and lost the title to AJ Lee. After losing the title, Paige showed her friendship and appreciation towards AJ. They faced each other at Battleground for the championship where AJ defeated Paige to retain the title. The very week, Paige beat down AJ Lee as she did not want to be AJ’s friend anymore. Paige attacked AJ a several times during a number of events and one day another title match between the two was announced. Paige won the title in this event which made things really very interesting. We hope to see a good continuation of this feud.

Match 3 – Flag Match – Rusev defeated Jack Swagger – It is okay with the push they are providing Rusev but if he ever turned an undercard, it will all look utterly disgusting when you remind of these matches. Jack Swagger was given a high push when he defeated Cesaro twice by disqualification, the same guy who won the Andre the Giant trophy at WrestleMania XXX. This push of Rusev of would look terribly awful if he ever turn a mid card  or an undercard as I have already said. The way Jack Swagger lost the match not good. I do not hink it was a wise idea to give Rusev the victory by submission. And not only a submission, they tried to show that Swagger was fainted after being locked in in the submission maneuver of Rusev. As for the match, it was good and worthy of being in a pay per view event.

Match 4 – Lumberjack Match – Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose – It all started when Seth Rollins backstabbed his friends Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. A feud between Seth Rollins and Jack Swagger started in that day. The feud became quite interesting for the fans. Dean Ambrose kept attacking Seth Rollins and every time avoided the beating somehow. In the last pay per view event, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose was scheduled to face Dean Ambrose in a one on one match which could not take place due to the attack of Dean on Seth during his entrance. Seth escaped the arena and the match could officially start. Two weeks ago, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose fought in a Beat the Clock challenge which was stipulated as the winner would be given the right to choose his desired stipulation for the Summerslam match. Dean Ambrose won the challenge and he made it a Lumberjack match. Ambrose said that this time Seth would not be able to avoid the beating. So here is the result. Seth Rollins won the match with a little bit of help from some of the Lumberjacks. The match was indeed very good and really entertaining. The Lumberjacks had a little involvement in the match which was quite important. Kane was outside the ring, he was not a Lumberjack, he just stood in favor of Seth Rollins. At the end of the match, he got involved in the match and the lumberjacks fought each other. When Dean was busy dealing with the Wyatt Family, Seth nailed him with the Money in the Bank briefcase and pinned him. The feud is going really great and it should continue for a while more. It is turning out to be more and more interesting.

Match 5 – Singles match – Bray Wyatt defeated Chris Jericho – The feud seems to be going on for another month or so and I think it should come to end now. The storyline and everything in this feud are so lame. Bray Wyatt’s gimmick so boring that none of feuds are getting interesting. Only the feud between Bray Wyatt and Daniel Bryan was good. None of his feuds were able to attract the fans. And this feud between Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho seems so lame. It is pointless in occasions. The reason of this feud was never totally cleared. Why did Bray attack Chris Jericho during his debut? Is it only because Bray Wyatt is attacking every single big name superstar one by one? I have to say, the creative team is failing to make Bray Wyatt interesting. The guy is really talented, but the problem is, his gimmick is not interesting. Chris Jericho tried his best to save this feud, but somehow, he failed. The match was an utter disappointment. Chris Jericho would be really unhappy to see such a defeated for Y2J. It was predictable that Bray Wyatt would pick up the victory, but the way he picked it up, it was not good. But the match was decent. Both did a good job, Jericho was comparatively the better performer of the two. Wyatt was good but not as good as Jericho. I think this feud would continue for another month or so, but I would say, it should end here. It is completely failing to impress the fans.

Match 6 – Singles Match – Stephanie McMahon defeated Brie Bella – It is indeed one of the best female feuds in the history of WWE. It all started at Payback pay per view event where Daniel Bryan was asked by Stephanie McMahon to surrender his WWE World Heavyweight championship due to the injury he had. He was given a condition that if he did not surrender the championship, his wife Brie Bella would be fired from WWE. On that night, Brie Bella decided to quit WWE. After that night, Stephanie McMahon kept humiliating Brie’s sister Nikki. In a taping of Monday Night Raw, Brie Bella was seen in the crowd as an audience who had a heated conversation with Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie slapped her right into the face and security escorted her. Brie took legal action against her and forced her to get arrested. Brie was not a member of the WWE roster so she had the right to case a file against her. The very next week, Brie Bella was called by Stephanie McMahon at Monday Night Raw. Stephanie requested Brie to withdraw the case. Brie made two conditions, the first one was easily accepted by Stephanie McMahon, brie wanted job back, Stephanie was glad to give it back to her. But the second one made Stephanie totally shocked, she wanted a match against her at Summerslam. Stephanie tried to say that she could not wrestle because she did not perform in the ring for eleven years. But Brie was determined, Stephanie had to grant her wish. Last week on Monday Night Raw, Stephanie brought Brie Bella’s physical therapist Megan miller and forced her to commit that she was having an affair with Daniel Bryan. Brie came out slapped Megan Miller right into the face. Stephanie now took legal action against her as she put her hands on Megan who was not a member of the squad. She forced her to arrested. That was all for the storyline so far. This one on one match was the conclusion of all stories.

It was not a fairy tale ending for this storyline. Nikki Bella got involved in this match and backstabbed her sister as she helped Stephanie McMahon to beat Brie Bella. Quite obviously, the storyline will now turn into a different angle. It will now be Brie Bella vs. Nikki Bella. The two sisters fought each other before and this time it is a bigger and better storyline. I have a bold hope that after Daniel Bryan is back, what if John Cena gets involved in this storyline? It is not impossible. We have heard about such a storyline before. This might be the only hope of John Cena turning heel. Now talking about the match, Stephanie was way better than Brie. Steph has turned slower than before. But she still has it. Brie is a bad wrestler and we did not have enough expectations from her either.

Match 7 – Singles Match – Roman Reigns defeated Randy Orton – Good match indeed. A bit predictable but still, it was a good match. I am not sure if the two individuals were able to satisfy the fans completely as there were high expectations from this match. Certainly not the best match of the night. The match was just a big hype and a ladder to success for Roman Reigns. I think his finisher Spear is getting more hyped than him. Kane lost a Last Man Standing Match after only of it, Orton could never kick out after it. But he could kick out after anyone’s finisher. Let us see how long it all goes.

Main Event – WWE World Heavyweight championship – Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena to become new champion – I think it was one of the worst Summerslam main events of all time. Obviously, it was built to show how dominant and powerful Brock Lesnar is. But the way it all happened was awful. It was a boring and really disturbing match. Lesnar just kept beating John Cena, it was like there was no difference between John Cena and Shannon Moore. Now as Brock is the champion, it does not seem that he is going to lose the title before WrestleMania.

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