The show started as Mr. McMahon came out to the arena. The fans chanted for him really loud. Mr. McMahon welcomed everyone to Survivor Series. He said that a lot of epics going around these days but this Survivor Series was truly epic, he guaranteed that the fans would never be able to forget this Survivor Series. He asked the fans to welcome her ‘beautiful’ daughter Stephanie McMahon and her husband Triple H.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon came out to the arena. The fans completely booed them. They entered the arena and Stephanie McMahon spoke out first as she said thanked the fans for the worm welcome, she said that she could feel the love. She thanked her father for giving them the incredible opportunity and she guaranteed that they would not let him down. They have learned so much from him.

Vince McMahon then welcomed the captain of team Cena; John Cena. John Cena entered the ring who was booed as usual. After Cena entered the ring, Mr. McMahon reminded the stipulation of the main event of the show; team Authority vs. team Cena.

John Cena said that he got a question; he asked Triple H and Stephanie would they live WWE by their own after losing or Cena had to throw them out. Triple H told him that Cena was not going to have a very good holiday. He said that John Cena was going to be personally responsible for four men losing their jobs, men with families, men with kids, men with responsibilities. Four men were going to lose their livelihoods, because of John Cena. It all were going to be hanged on Cena. He asked how would Cena feel about it, would he be happy about it all, or would he be caring about himself only. He told him what would happen after team Cena lost, his four members would come to the authority begging and pleading to keep their jobs. But they were going to get fired anyway, and after they got fired, they were going to get ignored, and once they were ignored, they would be completely forgotten about. So fact was, Cena’s team mates were actually everything to lose.

Stephanie McMahon said that it was a big responsibility for John Cena. The fans would drop somebody fast as soon as they were gone. But the authority would still run the show, even if Cena could not see them, they would still be in the WWE.

Mr. McMahon came forward and said that was not exactly what he had in mind. If team Authority lost, they would still have their desk jobs, but they would not have any more influence over the careers or personal lives of any other superstars. But he had so much confidence on them. And he had arranged a contract that if they lost, there would be only one man who could bring them back to power and the authority.

Stephanie McMahon said that they loved him more than anything and they knew that he had the bigger picture in mind, he had the bigger vision so he would definitely do what would be best for business.

Vince McMahon said that he always did what best for business was. And the only who could bring them back to power was John Cena. Everyone was shocked to hear this announcement, even Cena himself. Mr. McMahon told them not to let him down.

Stephanie McMahon said that she loved it and it gave her more incentive to beat team Cena and put them out of work. She was a McMahon and adversity made her even stronger.

John Cena said that he was glad they thought way, and he spared the details, team Authority would lose, and after they did they would be out of power. Since Cena was the only one to bring them back to the power, Cena said ‘There is No Chance in Hell.’

Match 1 – Fatal 4 Way match for the WWE Tag Team championship – The Miz and Damien Mizdow defeated Gold and Stardust, Los matadors and the Usos – The tag team championship match was the first match to start things off. Just like we told in our preview section of this event, this fatal four way tag team match is going to be really entertaining, and it was actually. One more thing we predicted, Damien Mizdow would be the center of attraction, who actually was. The fans thoroughly cheered for Mizdow throughout the match who actually suffered for a tag. The first time he got tagged by his partner Miz, Goldust took the tag back from Mizdow. We do not know if this was the right thing not to let Mizodw perform. Throughout the match the fans kept chanting ‘We Want Mizdow!’ Mizdow’s craze was so high that the fans even chanted his name in other matches, can you believe this? Such things are not even seen for Daniel Bryan either. But he hardly got her chance to perform. I personally think they should let him perform a little more. In this match, he did completely nothing but imitating the Miz.

But some of his imitating moves were really funny. I would like to mention one of them, Miz climbed on the turn buckle, Mizdow who was on the floor climbed on the steel steps, Miz was thrown away from the turn buckle, Mizdow also threw his body inside the ring. This move was hilarious and it really made the fans laugh. There were more moves like that and fans really loved it all. Talking about the other performers, I would say, Los Matadores were the best performers of this match, they performed some excellent high flying maneuvers. Nobody else performed bad either, but the craze of Damien Mizdow was so high that others were totally overlooked. One more Mizdow did except imitating Miz, tell us describe the thing; after some great highflying maneuvers, one of the Usos nailed Goldust with the Frog Splash. Miz came inside the ring (all other superstars were out of the ring cold) and took the Uso out of the ring. Mizdow quickly took the tag from Miz and pinned Goldust to win the tag team championships from Gold and Stardust. After the match, Miz and Mizdow celebrated their victory but the fun part was, Miz had both the titles in his hands and he did not give Mizdow the other half of the title. Looks like a new story about this part is looming next.

Match 2 – Divas traditional Survivor Series tag team elimination match – Alicia Fox, Natalya, Naomi and Emma defeated Paige, Summer Rae, Layla and Cameron –  The second match that occurred was the Divas traditional Survivor Series tag team elimination match. This match was certainly not up to the expectations. By this match, WWE creative again showed how poor they are. As we said in our preview section, Paige should be highlighted mostly in this match since she is the top Diva of the roster right now. Paige was the last Diva standing for her team anyway but it was certainly not enough. Do you want to know why? We give you the details of elimination below. Check it out yourself;

Elimination no 1 – Eliminated Diva – Cameron, Team – Paige, Eliminated by – Naomi

Elimination no 2 – Eliminated Diva – Layla, Team – Paige, Eliminated by – Alicia Fox

Elimination no 3 – Eliminated Diva –Summer Rae, Team – Paige, Eliminated by – Emma

Elimination no 4 – Eliminated Diva –Paige, Team – Paige, Eliminated by – Naomi

You saw it right, none of the members from the other Diva side was eliminated. Even the fans wanted to see Paige performing a little better, they chanted ‘Let’s go Paige’ to show appreciation to the athlete from Norwich, England. Once again I would like to say, it was a terrible decision not to eliminate any Diva from the face side, because there remain nothing to look forward among these Divas after this.

Match 3 – Singles Match – Bray Wyatt defeated Dean Ambrose by disqualification – Next we talk about Dean Ambrose vs. Bray Wyatt, expectations were really high from this match, but what the fans got from this match was utter disappointment. As there were not enough matches listed for the event, it is quite obvious that the fans expected to see at least a half an hour long match. But unfortunately, it did not even last for even ten minutes. The worst part of the match was it went to disqualification. Come on man it was the 28th annual Survivor Series and do you really expect the only non title main event match of the event going into disqualification. It is quite obvious that they are going to drag this feud for quite a long more but this is certainly not a good way to start things off. It does not matter whoever wins this feud, this match should have to a conclusion. Ambrose decided not to have a clear cut victory out of this match as he preferred to disqualify himself as he hit Wyatt with a chair. After the match, Ambrose beat down Wyatt with a chair and table. Ambrose brought some chairs, a big ladder and another table after the beat down. Fans expected to see more hardcore beat downs but there were no such things, Ambrose just climbed on the ladder to celebrate his defeat.

Match 4 – Tag Team Action – Adam Rose and Bunny defeated Heath Slater and Titus O’ Neil – The next match was listed instantly in the event; Adam Rose and Bunny vs. Heath Slater and Titus O’ Neil. There were not enough things to talk about this match, Adam Rose and Bunny won this match, where Bunny picked up the victory over Heath Slater, as the Bunny picked up the win Rose did not like it. Bunny celebrated with the Rosebuds but Adam Rose did not.

Match 5 – Singles Match for the WWE Diavas championship – Nikki Bella defeated AJ Lee – The next match was for the WWE Divas championship. This was certainly the worst match of the night, it actually not a match, it finished as soon as it started. The only thing to see in this match Brie Bella’s sudden change who kissed AJ Lee when the match started, Nikki quickly punched her right into face and pinned her with the Nikki Rack Attack. Brie Bella looked quite happy with the victory of Nikki who actually celebrated with her sister after the victory. Now it would be interesting to see where it all lies next.

Main Event – Traditional Survivor Series tag team elimination match – Team Cena (John Cena, Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Eric Rowan and Ryback) defeated Team Authority (Seth Rollins, Luke Harper, Kane, Rusev and mark Henry) – I would not say anything very special about this match, it was full of drama, and certainly not the best professional wrestling match ever, but one thing that was beyond everything, that is the debut Sting! Yes you heard it right, The Stinger the Icon Sting finally made his WWE debut, and this was the venue, Survivor Series 2014. So let us see how it all happened;

Mark Henry was eliminated as soon as the match started. As the match started and Mark Henry went near to Big Show, Big Show quickly knocked him out with the knockout punch and pinned him straight. Ryback started to dominate the authority then he was finally knocked down by Seth Rollins’ Curb Stomp, Rusev pinned him with the Side Kick. Rusev was eliminated after that when he attempted to nail Dolh Ziggler through the announce table, Ziggler turned the table on him and Rusev was counted out. Eric Rowan and Luke Harper, the two former partners fought after that, Eric Rowan seemed to be the stronger man but he was aliminated by Luke Harper who received a little help from his partners.

Then surprisingly, Big Show backstabbed Cena as he knocked John Cena with the Knock Out punch. Seth Rollins quickly pinned Cena after that. Big Show shocked everyone by this move, his shook hands with Triple H and left the arena allowing the referee to count him out. So the Big Show got eliminated from the match next who counted himself out and eliminated himself. It was down to three on one. But Ziggler performed really well, he eliminated Kane first with the Zig Zag, then he eliminated Luke Harper with the School Boy pin. It was finally down to one on one, Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler.

Triple H did his best to keep this match going. Ziggler attempted to pin Seth Rollins after his Zig Zag finishing maneuver, Triple H knocked out the referee. Ziggler attempted to pin Rollins again after hitting the same finishing maneuver, Triple H knocked out the new referee too. Triple H entered the ring and beat down Dolph Ziggler all by himself. He knocked Ziggler out with the Pedigree and pulled Seth Rollins over him for the cover. Scott Armstrong; the new referee came out to count the pin, and then, it happened. The Sting made his WWE debut.



The Sting entered the arena to surprise everyone. He entered the ring and nailed Triple H with his Scorpion Death Lock finishing maneuver. He pulled Ziggler over Rollins and allowed Ziggler to pick up the victory over team Cena.

Elimination no 1 – Eliminated Superstar – Mark Henry;

Team – Authority, Eliminated by – Big Show

Elimination no 2 – Eliminated Superstar –Ryback;

Team – Cena, Eliminated by – Rusev

Elimination no 3 – Eliminated Superstar – Rusev;

Team – Authority, Eliminated by – Count out

Elimination no 4 – Eliminated Superstar – Eric Rowan;

Team – Cena, Eliminated by – Luke Harper

Elimination no 5 – Eliminated Superstar – John Cena;

Team – Cena, Eliminated by – Seth Rollins

Elimination no 6 – Eliminated Superstar – Big Show;

Team – Cena, Eliminated by – Count Out

Elimination no 7 – Eliminated Superstar – Kane;

Team – Authority, Eliminated by – Dolph Ziggler

Elimination no 8 – Eliminated Superstar – Luke Harper;

Team – Authority, Eliminated by – Dolph Ziggler

Elimination no 9 – Eliminated Superstar – Seth Rollins;

Team – Authority, Eliminated by – Dolph Ziggler

Without any doubt, this was the biggest and best debut of the year 2014. It was in some way a little dramatic, but that does not mend anything. Now, the most interesting part to see next will be; what would Sting do now in WWE? is he going to wrestle as a regular? Or, is he going to replace the Authority?

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