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WWE News: John Cena Revealed Original Planning for him at Wrestlemania

/ 02 September 2018

courtesy WWE

John Cena featured in a short feud against the Undertaker for this year’s Wrestlemania. We can’t name this as a proper rivalry. The reason behind this is the absence of Undertaker. He was not keen

Meet Joella Anoa’i: The Adorable Roman Reigns Daughter

/ 14 August 2018

Roman Reigns with his daughter

Meet Joella Anoa’i: The Adorable Roman Reigns Daughter ∼ Roman Reigns is a complete family man by all the means. He has been with his wife since his college days. Nobody can complain about his personal

WWE News: The Rock Intends to Come Back at Wrestlemania 35

/ 03 August 2018
The Rock

The Rock could be on board for Wrestlemania 35, as per recent reports. Image Courtesy: Getty

The Rock is always a bigger draw for the WWE. The TV ratings for any WWE show gets a booster whenever he appears on it. The company used him effectively ever since his return in

WWE News: Triple H Revealed Interesting Discussions with The Rock

/ 11 June 2018

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Triple H and The Rock are the two most bitter rivals in WWE history. These two have faced each other in numerous encounters over the years. They were also one of the main reasons of

WWE Rumour: The Undertaker to Compete Multiple Times, This Year

/ 02 June 2018

Photo Credit: WWE.

The Undertaker was over with in-ring competition at the Wrestlemania 33. Roman Reigns handed him the toughest loss of his career, till date. This was about to send him to permanent hiatus which was broken

WWE: Reason Why Batista Never Returned for Wrestlemania 34

/ 28 May 2018

Photo Credit: WWE.

If the previous reports are to go by, then a return was imminent for Batista in the WWE. This was supposed to happen during the beginning of this year when the Road to Wrestlemania begins.

WWE: Reason Why Undertaker vs John Cena Match was of Short Duration at Wrestlemania 34

/ 10 May 2018

Photo Credit: WWE.

For weeks, before Wrestlemania 34, John Cena called out The Undertaker to set up a match. He failed on numerous occasions to reserve a spot for him at the ‘show of shows’. Hence, the only

WWE News: Nikki Bella Announces Separation from John Cena

/ 16 April 2018

Last year, it was at Wrestlemania 33 where John Cena bent down on his knees to propose to Nikki Bella. With a YES in reply from the former Divas Champion, we officially knew that these

WWE: New Smackdown General Manager’s Name Announced

/ 11 April 2018

Last night’s episode of Smackdown Live turned out to be the very best of 2018. It is that night of the year where a series of debuts, returns or unexpected things happens. There was no

Twitter Reactions From This Week’s Smackdown Live: April 10, 2018

/ 11 April 2018

Photo Credit: WWE.

Smackdown Live kicked off with the most unpredicted news of a new general manager being hired for the show. The crowd was delighted to know that Paige was the new GM replacing the former name,