Video: Wrestlemania Intercontinental and US title match

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WWE Wrestlemania

Video: WWE Wrestlemania Intercontinental championship and US Title match results 

Video: WWE Wrestlemania Intercontinental championship and US Title match results

The Intercontinental championship ladder match was a spectacular one and had the fans on the edge of their seat. Last year’ at Wrestlemania it was the same 7 man ladder match which was followed this year too at #komania and to every body’s shock Zack Ryder, the long Iced-Z won the championship. There were various jaw-dropping moments in the match as expected in a ladder match, of course. And this one turned out to be no different. ( WWE Wrestlemania results are courtesy

Many of the close moments followed one after another and for much of the audience’s surprise, Zack Ryder picked up his career’s biggest victory and that too at the grandest stage of Wrestlemania. The high dramatic moments are as followed:

  • Owens body drops Zayn on a ladder.
  • Zayn dives off the ladder on the other superstars to take them out.
  • Sin Cara springboarding off the top rope and moonsaulting on to other superstars.
  • Dolph Ziggler goes on a superkick flurry
  • Owens pushes Sin Cara from the top of the ladder onto Stardust on another ladder.


On the other hand a David vs. Goliath contest followed at the US championship match and shockingly retained his title after putting off a huge fight. The finishing moments were somewhat like this as Kalisto with repeated kicks to Ryback’s midsection. Ryback counters with a spine buster out of nowhere. Ryback signals for the end.

Kalisto tries to crawl to the turnbuckle. Ryback pulls him back and in the process exposes middle turnbuckle. Kalisto pushes Ryback into the exposed turnbuckle. Kalisto follows it with a Salida del sol for a three count.

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