Worcestershire v Leicestershire, Live Cricket Score and Commentary, North Group, Vitality Blast, 2024

Vitality Blast North Group: Worcestershire v Leicestershire at Worcester, July 11, 2024
184/8 (20)
168/10 (19.5)
WOR won by 16 runs.
Worcestershire InningWOR Inning184/8 (20 ov)
Brett D'Oliveira(C)c BWM Mike b J Neesham12132092.31
c BWM Mike b J Neesham
Kashif Alilbw b L Goldsworthy412532164.00
lbw b L Goldsworthy
Josh Cobbc OB Cox b BWM Mike7410175.00
c OB Cox b BWM Mike
Gareth Roderick(WK)b R Ahmed171130154.55
b R Ahmed
Adam Hosec OB Cox b JO Hull633962161.54
c OB Cox b JO Hull
Ethan Brookesb L Goldsworthy181520120.00
b L Goldsworthy
Ed Pollockc LPJ Kimber b S Currie120050.00
c LPJ Kimber b S Currie
Matthew Waitelbw b S Currie01000.00
lbw b S Currie
Tom TaylorNot out11901122.22
Not out
Hayden WalshNot out7201350.00
Not out
Extra7 (b 0, w 5, nb 2, lb 0)
Total184/8 (20)
Ben Mike201919.50
Josh Hull403919.75
Jimmy Neesham2025112.50
Scott Currie4056214.00
Rehan Ahmed402015.00
Lewis Goldsworthy402526.25
Fall of wickets: 1-24 (BL D'Oliveira - 2.6 ov), 2-45 (JJ Cobb - 4.5 ov), 3-74 (GH Roderick - 8.1 ov), 4-86 (K Ali - 9.5 ov), 5-129 (E Brookes - 14.4 ov), 6-136 (EJ Pollock - 15.4 ov), 7-136 (MJ Waite - 15.5 ov), 8-170 (AJ Hose - 19.1 ov)
Leicestershire InningLEI Inning168/10 (19.5 ov)
Rishi Patelb TAI Taylor03000.00
b TAI Taylor
Soloman Budingerc GH Roderick b TAI Taylor9130069.23
c GH Roderick b TAI Taylor
Rehan Ahmedc E Brookes b HC Darley350060.00
c E Brookes b HC Darley
Peter Handscomb(C)c EJ Pollock b HC Darley01000.00
c EJ Pollock b HC Darley
Jimmy Neeshamc GH Roderick b MJ Waite10130176.92
c GH Roderick b MJ Waite
Louis Kimberc JJ Cobb b E Brookes532345230.43
c JJ Cobb b E Brookes
Ben Cox(WK)b MJ Waite554040137.50
b MJ Waite
Ben Mikec TAI Taylor b MJ Waite690066.67
c TAI Taylor b MJ Waite
Lewis Goldsworthyc GH Roderick b MJ Waite01000.00
c GH Roderick b MJ Waite
Scott Curriec TAI Taylor b MJ Waite20912222.22
c TAI Taylor b MJ Waite
Josh HullNot out120050.00
Not out
Extra11 (b 0, w 6, nb 0, lb 5)
Total168/10 (19.5)
Tom Taylor403629.00
Josh Cobb20904.50
Harry Darley2.201124.71
Matthew Waite3.502155.48
Hayden Walsh2.4030011.25
Ethan Brookes3031110.33
Brett D'Oliveira2025012.50
Fall of wickets: 1-2 (RK Patel - 0.4 ov), 2-8 (R Ahmed - 2.1 ov), 3-9 (PSP Handscomb - 2.2 ov), 4-22 (S Budinger - 4.6 ov), 5-28 (J Neesham - 5.5 ov), 6-113 (LPJ Kimber - 13.1 ov), 7-134 (BWM Mike - 16.2 ov), 8-134 (L Goldsworthy - 16.3 ov), 9-167 (OB Cox - 19.1 ov), 10-168 (S Currie - 19.5 ov)
2024-07-11 22:00 PM
County Ground, New Road, Worcester
Leicestershire elected to bowl
  • Alex Wharf
  • Anthony Harris
Tv Umpires
    Match Referee
    • Wayne Noon