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BCCI requests Election Commission to move 2014 elections from India

BCCI requests Election Commission to move 2014 elections from India

Indian Premier League (IPL) may be moved to South Africa due to lack of security because of the upcoming general elections held around the same time, the Board of Control of Cricket in India (BCCI) has sent a written request to the Election Commission (EC) of India, asking that the polls be conducted in the Republic of South Africa instead.

“Surely, the people of India want IPL to happen here more than some stupid elections. No one cares a damn about voting and I’m sure many of them don’t even have a clue about the candidates in the running. But I bet, sorry, I won’t bet and all, but I’m damn sure that anyone on the street will know which IPL team has purchased whom this year,” written by BCCI president N Srinivasan. “Further, IPL in South Africa means that Lalit Modi might come over there and eat my head. So at least for that, no way!” he added.

 The Election Commission has considered the receipt of Srinivasan’s letter and is reportedly studying it. While there hasn’t been an official comment yet, an EC official has conceded that IPL teams are far more balanced this year, and he expects a much tighter contest.

Meanwhile, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi has already flew to South Africa, and joined noted Zulu cricketer Lance Klusener for dinner. “South Africa mein Mahatma Gandhi ko kaun laaya?” Rahul later thundered at a small gathering of bewildered South Africans.

UPA congress, the Samajwadi Party too, was quick to send a representative team led by Azam Khan on a study tour to visit South Africa. The visiting team spent an entire day with batting sensation Hashim Amla and later went on a safari to Kruger park presumably to study wild buffaloes.

Not one to take things lying down, BJP PM candidate Narendra Modi has encouraged South Africans to contribute funds towards building a record-breaking statue of the late Nelson Mandela naming the idea as Statue of Black Africans.

The Aam Aadmi Party too, has tentatively decided to field journalist turned politician Ashutosh in Johannesburg, should the elections be held there. “I want to ask the Modi, how much he has spread the massage of Nelsun Mondayla?????” (sic) Ashutosh tweeted.

With the announcement of elections date and only half of the IPL matches may be moved, South Africa dropped from the race. And it raised chances for Bangladesh and UAE (United Arab Emirates).

And N.Srinivasan insisted EC through a phone call to add Bangladesh and UAE for reserve venues for Elections. In no time all the political parties run to beside country Bangladesh for study tour. Modi in no time announced to start the work of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s Statue The Father of Bangladesh nation.

Rahul Gandhi called for hosting the elections at Mirpur, Dhaka the only stadium that produced victory for Bangladesh over India. He pleased the people saying that all the Bangla wins came during their term over India. He added more wins over India as a part of his manifesto too.

Modi stepping ahead of every like routine started his campaign in UAE calling for another statue formation, this time of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.He also insisted the Election Committee to held all the polling booths in Sheikh ZayedStadium just like hosting all matches there.

Disclaimer : This article as real as India’s Chances in the Asia Cup