Five Flawed Genius of Cricket

Five Flawed Genius of Cricket

Five Flawed Genius of Cricket
Five Flawed Genius of Cricket

The game of cricket had some flawless genius till now. Today we have a look at few of the flawed genius who used to get equal praise and criticism during their playing days:

Five Flawed Genius of Cricket



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Misbah-ul-Haq. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Misbah-Ul-Haq is one of the flawless geniuses of the game currently playing the game. Days when he was criticised for loss in the T20 world cup 2007, are still fresh in our mind. Same scenes were seen aftermath the semi-final of world cup 2011 as he was again the culprit for the loss but still, he is one the loved cricketers in the country.

Overwhelming response and support to his push up act were enough to tell that people still love him so much. He is the person who is blamed for two world cup losses but still is loved by the fans. He is also one of the successful captains for Pakistan team and sometimes people often compare him to Imran Khan as he is always the person who comes to rescue at difficult situations.

He understands the situation completely and then takes preventive measures. Due to this quality, he is a loved cricketer. Misbah is the perfect example of flawless cricketers.

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