Sunil Gavaskar Says, No Need To Change The Rules But Can Allow Two Bouncers Per Over In T20 Cricket

Sunil Gavaskar Says, No Need To Change The Rules But Can Allow Two Bouncers Per Over In T20 Cricket

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Indian cricketing legend Sunil Gavaskar has opined that there is no need to change the rules of T20 cricket but can consider allowing two bouncers per over, moving ahead.  He thinks the format is still novel to be tinkered with. Earlier, this week Gavaskar had questioned the Mankading rules and the name itself.

Gavaskar opined that using Indian legendary cricketer, Vinoo Mankad’s name for unsportsmanlike behaviour in the sport is not acceptable to him.

He suggests that the Indians should be the last to encourage the usage of such. He said he used ‘Brown’ while commentating when Ashwin warned Finch of Mankading in the RCB vs DC match because Bill Brown was at fault in the history books, not Vinoo Mankad.

Ravichandran Ashwin Mankad
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Sunil Gavaskar feels T20 format heavily favours batsmen

The IPL commentator feels that T20 format is doing very well and the rules are not needed to change. However, he accepted that T20 heavily favours batsmen and suggested that two bouncers in an over should be allowed to the bowlers. He also said the bowlers could get an optional extra over if they pick a wicket in their first three overs.

“The T20 game is doing very well and there’s no need to tinker with it. It is loaded heavily in favour of the batsmen for sure. So, give a fast bowler two bouncers per over and yes the boundaries can be easily longer, if the ground authorities want it,” Gavaskar told PTI.

Sunil Gavaskar
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“Also look at giving an extra over to the bowler who takes a wicket in his first three overs. But seriously there’s no need to bring any changes at all,” he added

Sunil Gavaskar demands penalty for Non-striker leaving the crease early

Gavaskar believes that the game should be equal for both batsmen and bowlers and if the bowlers are being checked for a potential no-ball, the batsmen should also not be allowed to leave the crease before the ball is delivered.

“There is a penalty of being dismissed if the bowler runs out the non-striker who is moving out of the crease before the ball is delivered,” Gavaskar said.

Sunil Gavaskar, reserve opener
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“Now that the TV umpire is also checking if the bowler has overstepped for no balls, he should be able to see if the non-striker has left the crease before the ball is released and if he has, then if runs are taken, it can be called one short even if a boundary or four is hit. This should act as a deterrent,” Gavaskar said.

Sunil Gavaskar is a part of the IPL 2020 commentary team in the UAE. IPL began on September 19th and will be played till November 10th.

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