video: top 5 matches of Undertaker at Wrestlemania

Video: Top 5 matches of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania

As Vince McMahon says his two greatest creation on Earth is Wrestlemania and the second one is the Phenom, The Undertaker who is all set to deliver one more spectacle at the grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania against Vince’s “greatest failure” Shane McMahon. Taker, over the years, has made his name synonymous with Wrestlemania holding the incredible streak of 21-0 at the grandest stage, the benchmark of performance for one wrestler at the showcase of immortals. He was not at his very best in his initial days but he mastered his opponents at the grandest stage day by day. In the process, he delivered one memorable bout after another. Here, are the top 5 from those:



Wrestlemania 14: Kane vs. The Undertaker

As per storyline, it was a gem for Undertaker for him back then in his early days. Kane has just stepped into WWE as his brother and what better way to make it big to Wrestlemania against his brother, the Undertaker. The match was not much about technical wrestling. Instead, we saw slugfest between the two demons from Death valley. Also, in the match, we saw Kane kicking out off not one but two Tombstone Piledriver. It was the first time someone has ever kicked out of a Tombstone. Fans hoped Kane would score victory toppling his brother but Taker finished off the contest with a third one.


Wrestlemania 24: Edge vs. The Undertaker

It was a gem in terms of Wrestling when Edge squared off against the Undertaker at Orlando’s Citrus Bowl. The match was justifiably declared as “counter after counter after counter….” By Michael Cole because it was a match totally relied upon finesse and counters. Taker and Edge traded back-and-forth until Taker emerged as victorious. Edge on his part was the most cunning, opportunistic superstar who faced the Undertaker at Wrestlemania and gave him pain more than anybody. The match proved to be an edge of the seat contest till the end when Edge’s ruthless desire for gold was turned off by the Deadman’s Hell’s gate.



Wrestlemania 30: Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker

That immortal moment, when the streak was conquered by Brock Lesnar, was created right here at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Lesnar punished Taker with every single move he has but an aged Undertaker took them all and always did a comeback. Taker’s come back made the fans rooting for him every single time. Both performers made it sure the fans enchanted with their powerful moves. The battle had all the dramatic high points one would expect from a WrestleMania match. The ending though was not expected but the audience stored nothing but respect for the Phenom.



Wrestlemania 28: Triple H vs. The Undertaker

Two legends clashing inside Hell in a cell with another one being the guest referee was like all three huge egos clashing on the grandest stage. For, Deadman it was only redemption against the humiliation he had suffered at the hands of Triple H at the previous WrestleMania. For Triple H, it was to prove that he was better than his buddy Shawn Michaels who failed to break the streak. The referee Shawn was out for revenge against the man who ended his illustrious career. The result was “end of an era”. Chairs, hammers, steel cage and steel steps; everything was brought into play as the two veterans of the squared circle tried to overcome each other. It was the moment when “The Phenom” kicked out of a Sweet Chin Music followed by a pedigree which made the fans drooling. Everyone was on their feet when three competitors left the arena with hugging each other. Classic!



Wrestlemania 26: Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker

On one side, it was the unbreakable streak of the Undertaker and the other hand we had the illustrious career of Shawn Michaels, the showstopper, Mr. Wrestlemania himself. It was the second straight year Shawn was facing the Phenom, aiming for immortality. The fight was a back-and-for the one in which no one could gain control for a long time. Counters after counters followed as the two great legends delivered their respective maneuvers numerous times. The Showstopper slapped the Undertaker in a point when he was even unable to stand as he was so drained out, marked the legendary moment. The match turned out to be one of the greatest of our generation which saw Mr. Wrestlemania bidding adieu to the show he made famous.

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