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5 Cricket Games Meant For The Android Phone Users

Cricket Games Meant For The Android Phone Users. Cricket is one of the most cherished games throughout the world, giving a close cut competition to all other sports. The cash-rich game consists of three main categories – Test match, ODI and T20, the latter being introduced a few years ago. And in the past few years, the popularity of the game has reached a par level. The International Council of Cricket is now, in fact, making efforts to include the game in the Olympics which is the next big event of sports. The council is stretching their arms to the other Asian countries and make the game all the more interesting.

However, the game is just not limited to the field and the tv screens now. Among other famous video games, cricket has roped its way through in the list of top favourite games. It has evolved to the extent of being one of the best high-tech games with quality reflexes and real-life animations.

Furthermore, the developers have now indulged in creating more android friendly games that could easily be accessible to everyone. One can get the cricket game effortlessly from the play store app and get all the fun of the cricket in their pockets. Below is the list of the best android cricket games to be played.

Best Cricket Games for the Android Phones

World Cricket Championship 2:

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Featuring all the three formats of the cricket – Test cricket, ODI and T20, WCC2 is one of the best mobile games available on an android phone. Its stunning real-life 3-D graphics gives the player the actual feel of the game, making it a dynamic game for mobiles. The cricket game is easily available on the Playstore application in every android mobile.

This cricket game has 45+ cricketing shots, power-packed tournaments to be played in about 32 stadiums. It allows one to play the famous events such as World Cup, T20, Blitz Tournament and Test cricket such as Ashes. WCC 2 is a dynamic game in the hoard of football, FIFA and NFS type of games.

Best Five Cricket Games For The IOS Users

From the start of the sports era, cricket has dominated any and all other games in the real world throughout. And the introduction of other formats in cricket along with different leagues taking place, the fever has only increased if possible. Increasing it furthermore, cricket fans are now rewarded with high-tech, 3-D and quality animated cricket games. Although cricket has been a part of the video games ever since the famous 1983 Prudential Cup, it never could gain the attraction as it did in real life.

Discussed below is the list of few latest cricket games that are easily available for the IOS users.

Best Latest Cricket Games Available on IOS:

Real Cricket 19

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For a die-hard cricket fan, Real Cricket 19 is one of the best cricket games to be released in 2019. It gives the most authentic, complete and surreal cricket experience in dynamic 3-dimensional graphics. The game runs over the USP of its one of the freshly introduced feature of playing head-on against a player in real-time.

However, this is not the only additional feature of the dynamic game. The new Real Cricket 19 presents a highly updated version of its predecessors. It has a recently updated setting called the “ultra settings”. By turning this mode on, the player experiences advanced animation effects and control panels in the game. The feature, in fact, allows the player to even control the weather conditions in the game as climate plays a vital role in cricket. It allows the player to choose which time of the day they prefer to experience different lightings and scenery.

This dynamic game comes with different game modes that allow the player to experience different formats of cricket. The Real Cricket 19, however, has limited modes free to play while several other special features need to be unlocked through in-app purchases.

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Best Cricket Games Available Online for World-Wide Gamers

Best Cricket Games Available Online for World-Wide Gamers. In the world of mobile and Xbox games, there are gamers who look for playing games online, in real-time. The real-time quality of online gaming makes it one of the most interesting features where the result is always unpredictable. It allows one to play with different gamers across the globe. This is what has the recent action-filled Pubg game rise in the popularity chart.

However, action and racing games are not the only games available on the online platform. Recently, a few websites have launched cricket games along with other feature games to be easily accessible online. Here is the list of few websites that allow gamers to easily access one of the best online cricket games.

List of the Cricket Games Available Online

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There was a time when at every corner of the street a bunch of kids were seen playing cricket in the street. Now the time has changed and with the developers creating websites such as the game has been upgraded to the nth level.

It is the era of science and technology where children are seen less in the parks, spending more and more time on video games. Playing online cricket games has certainly gained the hike with its followers spread across the globe. nurtures the need and fantasy of the cricket lovers bringing forth a varied collection of online cricket games with updates.

This is one of the most popular websites available to kinder the thirst of winning an IPL or lifting the coveted World Cup trophy. The website offers various cricket games, however, five famous and games offered by them are: Online Cricket 2011, Super Cricket, Tap Cricket, India vs Pakistan and Cricket All Rounder.

Given below is the link to the website, being a cricket lover one can never ignore the itch to check out the games offered by them.

cricket games, online cricket games

The is another online web domain that is totally dedicated to inspiring and promoting cricket. The website has a collection of different categories of games which allows one to explore and practice controls in the game.

Their collection of flash cricket games includes batting games, tests catch games and more. Whereas they have cricket games like IPL cricket ultimate, IPL Cricket 2013, Online Cricket, Cricket World Cup 2011, India vs England and many more.

Given below is the link to the best online cricket game website:

Stick Sports

online cricket games, stick cricket, cricket, cricket video games,

Stick Sports is an Adobe Flash sports gaming website that offers the user a free domain to play various games. Stick Cricket is one of those game categories available for all the cricket lovers. To play on this free cricket domain the system has to be Adobe Flash friendly.

Stick Cricket is a game where the player tries to score as many runs as possible in two, five, ten or twenty overs. The game has various game modes such as ‘Academy’, ‘World T2’, ‘Stick Cricket Multiplayer’, ‘Ashes Fan Challenge’, ‘Ashes Dominator’ and the most in-demand ‘World Domination’. In the ‘World Domination’ mode, the player has to defeat the 18 world best cricket teams among which Australia, India, and South Africa are the top three ranking teams.

The website allows the user to play from their favorite country the games that take out as far back as 1974 to the final test in Sydney of the Ashes. Given below is the link to the best portal of the cricket website.

Cricket games at

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The is among the leading gaming sports websites which basically targets Asian Subcontinent nations for cricket games. Cricket is largely followed by the Asian subcontinent and thus a big number of cricket gamers emerge from here.

The cricket game portal features most of the famous cricket formats available on the famous apps. They feature Cricket World Cup 2011, India vs Australia, Gully Cricket, The Dominator Cup, India vs Pakistan, Cricket Umpire Decision and World T20 Cricket Championships.

The World Cup 2011 allows the cricket fans to relive all the matches of the special World Cup 2011 where India registered their historic win after the 1983 Prudential Cup. However, given below is the link to the cricket website to explore more about the amazing cricket games they’re offering.

Online Cricket Games at

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Playing online cricket games has now become as real as playing actual cricket on the field. The enhanced technologies have only increased the craze of the game to the virtual world as well. There are websites allowing the users to experience a real-time cricket game where they challenge other gamers from any other country.

Among the hoard of these domains, is a name that allows the users to play dozens of cricket games such as IPL, ODI, Test cricket and many more. The domain empowers the users to play 3D cricket games, or the Quick Cricket where the user can start the game as soon as they choose whether to bat or bowl. These are just a few names in the lot the website is offering. Given below is the link to the website full of various cricket games.

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Best Racing Games Easily Available on iPhones

Racing games are one of the best mind simulation games. It drives one through the few imaginary and mostly real-life streets that one would’ve only heard of till now. They present themselves with the opportunity to rash drive and race with deadly opponents. With most of them presenting real-life experiences, car racing games has over time become an addiction. In fact, racing games were the first in the industry to overcome the lack of buttons. The developers bettered their software with the emergence of touch mobile phones – smartphones.

The speed, the race, the difficult racing tracks, cheering-booing audiences, and most importantly the cars-bikes, are the best things about racing games. Here is the list of the racing games available on iPhones to help one to conquer the streets of the game with high drift racing skills.

List of the Best Racing Games Available on iPhones

Asphalt Airborne 8:

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Gameloft released another version of Asphalt series in 2018 that featured much more difficult tracks. The Asphalt 8 Airborne sports tracks with ramps that would require the player to jump, with their car. And every jump would earn the player with a nitro boost, the longer the airtime, the longer the boost. The players can also perform flat spins and barrel rolls which can be done using normal ramps or curved ramps.

However, the famous racing simulation game is all about its name, with a bunch of stunts and knocking down opponents. Even now it is one of the best in the industry with quite a number of events to keep one engaged.

Where to Download:

The game is absolutely free to download from the Apple app store.

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Five Best Racing Games Easily Available On Android Phones

Five Best Racing Games Easily Available On Android Phones. The advancement of technology has increased the demand for mobile products and services. From Tetris to Nokia’s Snake, the gaming world has stretched its wings across the globe. And among all the genres, racing is the one that has the mighty hold over the gaming industry. This particular section has tremendously evolved ahead of its time. It was the first in the industry to overcome the lack of physical buttons on the newly introduced smartphones.

Racing is one genre that enjoys major attention in the gaming industry. So here is the list of five best racing games easily available on android phones.

List of the Five Best Racing Games for Android Phones

Asphalt 9: Legends

Mobile racing games, racing games, best android racing games,

Published in July 2018, Gameloft developed the update for the famous Asphalt series, Asphalt 9: Legends. The game features an almost similar version of Asphalt 8 with better graphics and design. The prominent aspect of the game is the collection of rare high-class 72 cars which initially were 48. However, all the cars in the game now require ‘blueprints’ to unlock and level them up.

Apart from the remodeling of cars, the game also features ‘nitro shockwave’ from Asphalt 6 and Asphalt 7. With its wide variety of tracks, cars, and events Asphalt 9 is visually the best racing game for android users.

Where to download:

The game is easily available on google play app in any android phone or one can simply tap on the link added below to download the game:

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The Six Years Of The Action-Adventure: Grand Theft Auto V

The Six Years Of The Action-Adventure: Grand Theft Auto V. In the world of video gamers, September has a certain adventurous ring to its name. It was in the year 2013 when the Rockstar Games added another entry in the Grand Theft Auto series. This game, however, changed all the speculations and expectations level fantasized by a gamer.

Rockstar started the promotion of the game with its grand offer of giving $1, 000, 000 to people pre-ordering the game. The big announcements, offers and four years long wait since GTA IV pumped people to get past the banners and purchase it. The day GTA V was launched in 2013, it made $800 million in a single day.

The game featured a single-player story that followed three players who try their best to commit a heist. Like the previous part of the series, GTA V crimes are also set within the boundary of the fictional San Andreas. It was initially released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. However, later on, it was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

The gameplay of the Grand Theft Auto V

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The chaotic and exhilarating adventures of the GTA V has wrapped any and all the gamers around it. Rockstar has wisely woven together with the music, the illegal vibes of the fictional crime city, prestigious cars, and missions.  The founder of Rockstar, Sam Houser was in the music industry before he stepped into the gaming world. He entered with a package knowledge about the youth culture and their obsessions. GTA V had the best pop music, the touch of the reality from tv to social media patterns followed by youth.

Video game violence, gossips, celebrity talks, etc all the basics of the typical western streets makes the plot for the game. Meanwhile, every action played in the game is given the most realistic touch designed with a naturalistic look. From defeating an opponent in a race or punching a pedestrian in the face, every action is photogenic.


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GTA V is an action-adventure game played from either a first-person or third-person perspective. Grand Theft Auto, however, is the first game to feature ‘open-world’ games with narrative missions. The players are required to complete various missions to progress through the story. The missions are completed using various fighting modes, or by defeating an opponent in racing events. However, the game includes various vehicles that could also be used for exploring the fictional island after the missions.

Nonetheless, GTA V is a tale about three criminals namely: Michael, who is the ex-bank robber living a luxurious life but missing the thrill of his old days. Then there is Franklin who is a street famous man desiring a better life for himself. Meanwhile, the third one, Trevor is an unhinged meth dealer with some seriously broken moral compass. The three are very different characters brought together in the game with one common desire – break laws, make money. Each character has a set of eight skills representing their ability in specific areas such as shooting. The three of them build the story together, though there might be a possibility that a single character finishes the mission.

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Rockstar outdid GTA IV’s imaginative world-building. The fictional state San Andreas is an analogue of the Southern California. The south of San Andreas is Los Santos, the doppelganger image of Los Angles. The developers introduced various vehicles such as muscle cars, motorcycles eighteen-wheelers, jet skis, fighter jets, and speedboats in the game. Whereas the detailings paired with the stunning cars are dizzying.

GTA V Game Cheat Codes:

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Cheat codes are specially invented for the new gamers who are rookie in the industry and needs help in stunning the well-settled ones. And GTA V is the energetic game that a gamer would surely need some outside help to move ahead. The cheats are like the duplicate key of the game which would help in using weapons, armour and health, etc. Discussed below are the necessary cheat codes that are available on for GTA V for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. However, after entering cheats on consoles, all the rewards and achievements/trophies would be disabled. These codes contain buttons, triggers, and d-pads that are to be entered on consoles.

Raise Wanted Level
Phone: 1-999-3844-8483 [1-999-FUGITIVE]

Lower Wanted Level
Phone: 1-999-5299-3787 [1-999-LAWYERUP]

Max Health and Armor
Xbox: B, LB, Y, RT, A, X, B, RIGHT, X, LB, LB, LB
Phone: 1-999-887-853 [1-999-TURTLE]

Invincibility (Last 5 minutes)
Phone: 1-999-7246-545-537 [1-999-PAINKILLER]

Recharge Special Ability
Xbox: A, A, X, RB, LB, A, RIGHT, LEFT, A
Phone: 1-999-769-3787 [1-999-POWERUP]

Give Parachute
Phone: 1-999-759-3483 [1-999-SKYDIVE]

Give Weapons and Extra Ammo
Phone: 1-999-866-587 [1-999-TOOLUP]

Drunk Mode
Phone: 1-999-547-861 [1-999-LIQUOR]

Fast Run
Phone: 1-999-2288-463 [1-999-CATCHME]

Fast Swim
Phone: 1-999-4684-4557 [1-999-GOTGILLS]

GTA V how to Download:

One easy and primary option to download GTA V on PC, or PS4, or Xbox One is to buy the game from the Rockstar Games website. There it will ask the territory choice to select from the given country names. Then you will have to select the platform to play the game on: PS4, Xbox One, and PC. After selecting the preferred platform, you’ll have to choose the retailer from the provided options. Selecting on the chosen retailer, the page will redirect you to the retailer’s page from where you can buy it.

At Flipkart GTA V for PC is available at INR 1,450. The game is available on other e-commerce websites with optionable platform choice. But you need to hurry before the game goes out of stock.

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The Thrills Of The Famous San Andreas Island in Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online is the multiplayer mode that was developed to give a different experience as a multiplayer game. It is the online version of the Grand Theft Auto V that was released just a month before the online game. The game is based around the same island of San Andreas and Los Santos, just like in GTA V single-player mode. However, GTA Online was developed to perceive a different experience in line with GTA V.

Grand Theft Auto Online features around 30 players at a time who freely roam around the recreated city. These 30 players can either choose to complete the jobs separately or could join groups to complete the tasks together. Each group can have a maximum of five players while every group fights to top the online leaderboards.

Gameplay and Storyline of the Grand Theft Auto Online

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A player creates a new character in line with the original characters Franklin, Trevor, and Michael. The player-characters are designed by a genetics-related process. Meanwhile, much of the concentration is given to the hairstyle and dressing style of the character. The game starts with the protagonist arriving Los Santos via plane who is picked up by Lamar Davis. Davis provides the character with a gun and a car which is then followed by an in-game tutorial regarding all the controls for car and gun.

In the beginning of the release of the online of the GTA V, it faced many technical issues. However, Rockstar Games overcame the issues and went on to produce one of the most selling games. The story of GTA Online is like a prequel to the GTA V, as it involves the characters from the GTA V. The game features few functions similar to that of the single-player mode. Like GTA V the players can level up their character’s attributes such as driving and stamina.

Apart from its open-world mode, the game also features three other sets of activities: racing, deathmatch and then objective-based contact missions. The game, nonetheless, was everything that new gamers love. It had the same thrills, if not less, the racing and the deathmatch, both of which were totally created by the player. The Rockstar Games had featured the Online GTA with a content creation tool. Now, this tool allows the player to choose a location, start and spawn points in the race, the weapons and vehicles drop in a deathmatch.

How GTA Online differ from GTA V?

Yet, the developers couldn’t give the players the exact feel of the GTA V. The online multiplayer mode lacks details in its open-world game. It features fewer pedestrians or animals or birds flying in the sky or a plane crossing the sky. These are the minute details that make the game feel more realistic and adventurous. Then comes the details added to the cars used in the online game. No matter how many times one crashes their car, the car comes back with zero or minor defects. Whereas in GTA V, a crashed car would exactly look how it would in real life.

Development Throughout the Years:

gta online, gta v, gta updates, racing games, online video games, best video games online,

After its initial release, the game faced serious technical issues that were reported by the GTA lovers. However, Rockstar Games overcame all the issues and the very next month they launched the Beach Bum update. This update featured more beach-themed jobs and customization options for the players. The launch year of the game saw three more updates by Rockstar Games, all three in the month of December. The major update came on 11 December that featured the introduction of Deathmatches and Races.

However, Rockstar has also launched updates in the game that were time rendered and would expire after the notice date. They launched a similar feature update in December 2013 named Holiday Gifts. Now, this feature was removed from the game on 5th Jan 2014, which was its expiring period. Meanwhile, the other theme-based updates included Valentine’s Day special, Independence’s Day Special released in July 2014, and so on.

In most of the updates ever since 2013, the Grand Theft Auto Online was loaded with more guns and cars with varied events. Whilst its most famous update came in September 2015 where they released Rockstar Edition along with Freemode Events update. The Rockstar Edition was also made available on PCs. Whereas the Freemode Events allowed the players to customize and create features of the online GTA mode. It also introduced new game modes, features, and adversary modes that featured no loading menus and didn’t require lobbies.

Nonetheless, Rockstar Games has done well with the continual updates of the game that keeps the fans engaged even six years later.

Indian Cricketers Who Married Their Fans

Four Veteran Indian Cricketers Who Married Their Fans

India is the country where cricket could be seen at every turn and corner. The game is celebrated like a full-fledged festival and the Indian cricketers are worshipped as God that courses throughout the nation. Although it was the Britishers who introduced the gentleman’s game, India has now earned the top position across the three formats of the game.

And like the other professions, cricket has also helped the cricketers earn money, and most importantly help them build an identity for them. Several of the players in cricket have earned special places among the massive fan base of the game.

And it is known to all, the way the female fans, especially from the Bollywood industry, are attracted to the cricketers. And often the hardcore fans catch the eyes of a certain cricketer and then the next one knows, the two would be seen tying knots for the life-time.

Below are the four veteran Indian cricketers who ended up marrying their fans.

Four veteran Indian cricketers who married their fans

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Sachin Tendulkar, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, Indian Cricketers,

After the Sushant Singh-starer ‘MS Dhoni – The Untold Story’, the love story of the former Indian skipper is not a secret for anyone. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is recognized as one of the biggest cricketing luminaries of Indian cricket. And being noticed by such a personality is nothing but a distant dream that most female fans of Indian cricket have had.

Dhoni is by nature a shy person who likes to maintain his distance from the limelight of the media. But being a national cricketer, especially being the leader of the national team with ICC trophies under his belt, it is difficult for even Dhoni to avoid the spotlight.

ms dhoni, rohit sharma, sachin tendulkar, nawab mansoor ali khan pataudi, Indian Cricketers,

Dhoni’s wife, Sakshi was a big fan of the renown ‘Captain Cool’ before the two got married to each other on 4th July 2010, in Dehradun. Their daughter Zhiva Dhoni, who is the heart of all the cricket fans, was born five years later in 2015.

Shreyas Iyer, India, Test Cricket
Shreyas Iyer. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

Grown up Playing Red-Ball Cricket, Test Cricket Will be Dream Come True: Shreyas Iyer

Shreyas Iyer has grown out of his comfort zone to provide India with some stability at No. 4 in the limited-overs cricket. The Indian cricketer has given the team selectors a definitive performance in the ODI series during New Zealand tour. The 25-year-old batter had set a fine example of a batsman to bat judiciously at the number four spot, only to ease some of the pain of the selectors.

In the recently-concluded India’s tour of New Zealand, Iyer has been at his finest form in the limited-overs leg. The right-hander has added a century and two half-centuries to his name while playing in the three-match ODI series against the Black Caps.

Shreyas Iyer, India National Cricket Team, Test Cricket, India, South Africa tour of India 2020, ODI,

When the best of the batsmen struggled against the bowling attacks of New Zealand, Iyer partnered with KL Rahul and scored runs for the Men in Blue.

However, his immaculate performance in ODIs could not impress India’s team management – to name him in either of the two-Test fixtures.

After the New Zealand tour, Iyer is buckling up for another One-Day International series against South Africa. Post the three-match Proteas series, Iyer will be seen leading the Delhi Capitals (DC) in the 13th edition of the famous Indian Premier Lague (IPL).

To play Test Cricket, will be like a dream come true: Shreyas Iyer

Shreyas Iyer, ODI, India, South Africa tour of India 2020, Test Cricket,
Shreyas Iyer. Getty Images.

However, before prepping for the upcoming white-ball game, Iyer addressed his desire to debut in the Test cricket. Like every other budding cricketer’s career, Iyer caught the national selectors’ eyes with his continuing brilliant illustrations in the domestic cricket.

After giving his best in the domestic red-ball cricket, Iyer expressed his wish to play in the Test cricket for the national team.

“I’ve grown up playing red-ball cricket. Once that is imbibed in you as a cricketer, it is never going to go away. No cricketer, who has spent a good amount of time playing red-ball cricket will ever quit aspiring to play Test cricket,” Iyer said.

The right-handed batsman has played a total of 92 innings in the 54 matches of the First-Class cricket. Iyer has amassed a total of 12 centuries and 23 half-centuries.

Shreyas Iyer, India, South Africa tour of India 2020, Test cricket, ODI,

Adding further, Iyer said that any cricketer playing at the international level in cricket will aspire to play in the Test cricket as well.

The 26-year-old batsman wishes to soon be donning the white jersey for India and play in the five-day-long cricket version.

“It’s a different feeling. It may sound like a cliche, but playing Test cricket is a dream and I hope it comes true soon. Don’t think it’s just me who thinks that way. Anybody who aspires to play the game at the highest level will always aspire to play Test cricket. Then it’s all about how capable you are,” the Mumbaikar added.

For now, Iyer will feature in the three-match ODI series of India against South Africa.

The series will commence from 12th March as the first match will take place in Dharamsala. The third and last match of the series will be hosted by Eden Gardens on March 18.

Shafali Verma, Sanjay Bangar, ICC Women's T20 World Cup, Women's T20 World Cup, India
Shafali Verma and Sanjay Bangar. Photo Credit: Getty Images.

ICC Women’s T20 World Cup: Sanjay Bangar Sings the Praises of Shafali Verma

Former Indian batting coach, Sanjay Bangar heaps praise on the sensational batter, Shafali Verma. The Indian batswoman has currently been impeccable with the bat in the ongoing ICC Women’s T20 World Cup. The 16-years-old prodigy born has recently topped in the recently revised ICC T20I women’s rankings.

The young woman cricketer has turned all heads as Shafali turns out to be the constant run-scorer in the Women’s T20 cricket. The remarkable batter Shafali has been impeccable with the bat against both, the pace and spinner attack.

Shafali has been able to find boundaries even when batting against a tough competitor like Australia.

From India, the right-handed batswoman has been the only one — to hit six as India Women’s cricket begun the tournament. Shafali scored a stunning 15-ball 29 studded with a total of six boundaries.

ICC Women's T20, World Cup, Sanjay Bangar, Shafali Verma, India Women's, Australia Women's

Sanjay Bangar lauds Shafali Verma for bringing new perspective in Women’s T20I:

After the remarkable spirits by India, the Harmanpreet Kaur-led team has finally entered the grand finale of the ICC Women’s T20 world cup. The anticipated summit clash will be played between India Women’s and Australia Women’s on March 8th.

ICC Women's T20, T20, India, India Women's, Australia Women's, Sanjay Bangar, Shafali Verma,

Shafali will play the key role in India’s batting order as the team goes head-on against Australia. The former batting coach of India Men’s cricket team, Bangar has lauded the young batter for her versatility. Ahead of the final game on Sunday, Bangar lauded Shafali for bringing a “fresh perspective” in the Women’s T20I.

“Shafali has been able to do that, and she scores all around the park—that is one quality which not many people have. It is brilliant that we have unearthed such a talent and it has only taken the load off, or provided a fresh perspective to how T20 needs to be played by women cricketers,” said the 47-year-old batting coach.

ICC Womens T20, India, India Women's, Australia Women's, Sanjay Bangar, Shafali Verma, T20I,

In the on-going tournament, Shafali has bagged a total of 161 runs while averaging above 40 without even scoring a single half-century.

Meanwhile, Bangar who had previously represented India went on to add that the squad depth of India has been one of the major reasons behind the successful campaign for the T20 World Cup of the team.


He added, “They have been fabulous. Winning four league games out of the four they had to play and the manner in which they won… there is new and young talent emerging which is also performing for the team. Getting to this stage without a big performance from someone like Smriti Mandhana or Harmanpreet Kaur shows the depth which the team possesses. Also, going Down Under and spinners dominating for the Indian team has been a great sign—that has been our area of strength.”

Harmanpreet & Co. will charge against the defending champions, Australia on Sunday in the summit clash scheduled to take place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

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