Chapter 'Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar' included in schools worldwide

Chapter ‘Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar’ included in schools worldwide

Sachin Tendulkar, Steve Smith

Recent events involving Maria Sharapova, where she refused to have any idea about the existence of a certain Indian God that millions worship devotedly, has created much steer all over the social media. Reports even suggest that a group of devotees have decided to form an army to invade the hometown of the gorgeous Russian tennis player as their religious sentiments have been hurt in an irreversible manner.

Meanwhile, Maria Sharapova is yet to respond to all the verbal abuse that she’s been getting on the social platforms and has apparently given as many  F|_||<$ as the combined IQ of all the people abusing her.
Note – We politely request you to enter a politicially correct synonym for the F-Word* as we are not allowed to use the F-word. We don’t intend to hurt any more religious sentiments of Indians that might be hurt that way.

Maria Sharapova’s words have stirred a huge controversy throughout India. Infact, the Russian government is really nervous about this whole situation worrying that the ties between Russia and India might deteriorate. A Russian spokesman released a statement stating –

“The whole nation is absolutely terrified. We might ask Maria Sharapova to clear the whole misunderstanding. We are really scared that if things get out of hands the Indians might unleash the likes of Rakhi Sawant, Kamaal R Khan and Alia Bhatt at us to take their revenge”.

Meanwhile, the U.S of A are least bothered about the whole condition. Apparently they know that no matter how good Indians institutes are or regardless of how expensive U.S ones are, Indians will still fly overseas to get their Masters degree from a U.S University and make the U.S companies buck loads of money.

China, on the other hand, has no idea who Maria Sharapova is or who Sachin Tendulkar is. Though China isn’t really bothered about this and carried on making Chinese products to sell them in India.

In order to solve this whole issue and to maintain world peace, avoiding any chances of a potential World War-3, the United Nations has planned to pass a new law for every country in the world. The new rule states that “Every school in every country should have a new chapter named ‘Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar’ in their educational system”.

Apparently, the law is still in it’s infancy, and approval from the smartest minds like Sarthak Agarwal are yet to give their approval to this regulation. Also Arvind Kejriwal is still investigating if there are any corruption or scam charges that can be affixed with this.

Let’s wait and watch if this law gets passed ultimately but till then Keep Calm and don’t act stupid. Promote peace and intelligence, stop being stupid.

P-S – This is a satire and should be taken in same spirit.

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