Eight People Arrested For Betting on Cricket Matches

Shashi / 12 March 2015

With the cricket fever soaring high during the World Cup matches, the dark side of the sport has again been divulged as they brought down a betting racket in Hyderabad and arrested eight people including collection agents regarding the same.

Police forfeited cash worth 14.42 lakhs, besides swords an air-guns.

As per a statement garnered from Cyberabad police, sleuths of a special operation team raided the house of siblings Mohammad and Shoukat Ali who were using cell phones, laptops and other hi-tech equipments for betting and also utilizing 12.82 lakh worth of cash, the establishment being located in AIIPC colony.

Following scrutiny by the police, three collection agents and three punters were also nabbed by the police here. However, the main bookie, Shaik Mohammad Ghouse, who has also been associated with extensive betting activities in ODIs has eloped and been declared missing.

The police also revealed the the transactions were all made directly from punters through collection agents and betting was done on websites. House had been running a betting syndicate at his house in Moula Ali with sons Mohammad Ali and Shoukat Ali and other accused.

Engineering students, businessmen and small traders have been enticed by cricket betting and have also been victimized by it, the police iterated.




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