At the moment, a phrase describes the Indian team well and that is, “So far, so good”. Indian team has been in flying form in the present World Cup and they have won each of their five matches on a trot. On that note, the Indian skipper, MS Dhoni has received high praises for his captaincy so far in the World Cup but he feels that it is perhaps the performance of the bowlers of the team that makes him to think like a commanding leader.

When Ireland were getting aggressive in the previous match against the seamers, Dhoni introduced spin and the spinners bowled as many as 30 overs in the match and that helped India’s cause to a considerable extent. When Dhoni was asked of the fact that if he was at his best as a captain, he smiled and gave a swift reply. He replied by saying that he is at his best  when the bowlers are doing things well. He also explained of the fact that why it makes the job of a captain relatively easier when one has a plan.

He said that it makes easier for him when he has a plan. He also stated that unless the plan is executed well, it can not make him look like a good captain. He further mentioned that it depends much on execution. He even went on to give an instance. He said that if there are two slips being put and if the bowlers bowl onto the pads of the batsman, things are most unlikely  to work. Dhoni also said of the fact that he has kept telling his bowlers to bowl to one length.

Dhoni said that in the match against Ireland, he would have brought spinners right from the fourth or fifth over of the innings if it were a much more important match. He said that he wanted the fast bowlers to have a bit more go and also they bowled well. Shami picked up 3 wickets in the match by conceding just 41 runs. Dhoni finally said that the bowlers have performed really well throughout the tournament and it is the flexibility of the bowlers that is seen in this tournament.

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