Four veteran Indian cricketers who married their fans

Four Veteran Indian Cricketers Who Married Their Fans

Indian Cricketers Who Married Their Fans

India is the country where cricket could be seen at every turn and corner. The game is celebrated like a full-fledged festival and the Indian cricketers are worshipped as God that courses throughout the nation. Although it was the Britishers who introduced the gentleman’s game, India has now earned the top position across the three formats of the game.

And like the other professions, cricket has also helped the cricketers earn money, and most importantly help them build an identity for them. Several of the players in cricket have earned special places among the massive fan base of the game.

And it is known to all, the way the female fans, especially from the Bollywood industry, are attracted to the cricketers. And often the hardcore fans catch the eyes of a certain cricketer and then the next one knows, the two would be seen tying knots for the life-time.

Below are the four veteran Indian cricketers who ended up marrying their fans.

Four veteran Indian cricketers who married their fans

Mahendra Singh Dhoni

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After the Sushant Singh-starer ‘MS Dhoni – The Untold Story’, the love story of the former Indian skipper is not a secret for anyone. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is recognized as one of the biggest cricketing luminaries of Indian cricket. And being noticed by such a personality is nothing but a distant dream that most female fans of Indian cricket have had.

Dhoni is by nature a shy person who likes to maintain his distance from the limelight of the media. But being a national cricketer, especially being the leader of the national team with ICC trophies under his belt, it is difficult for even Dhoni to avoid the spotlight.

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Dhoni’s wife, Sakshi was a big fan of the renown ‘Captain Cool’ before the two got married to each other on 4th July 2010, in Dehradun. Their daughter Zhiva Dhoni, who is the heart of all the cricket fans, was born five years later in 2015.