I Came From The Outside Making That Decision: KKR CEO Venky Mysore Recalls Dropping Sourav Ganguly In 2011
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I Came From The Outside Making That Decision: KKR CEO Venky Mysore Recalls Dropping Sourav Ganguly In 2011

Kolkata Knight Riders CEO Venky Mysore has recently revealed the situation where he had just joined KKR and had decided to drop captain Sourav Ganguly from the team. Sourav Ganguly started his IPL venture in 2008 with KKR, captaining the side. However, KKR couldn’t taste success during Ganguly’s 3 years in the team and on the onset of 2011 decided to not retain him.

The move came in as a blow for the die-hard ‘Dada’ fans who was the face value of Kolkata Knight Riders and their hometown hero leading the Kolkata based side. The move was heavily criticised by the fans after Kolkata Knight Riders didn’t retain their captain in the 2011 auction.

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I’ll break that down into two parts: Venky Mysore

Venky Mysore who had just joined in 2011 with Kolkata Knight Riders said it was an easy decision for him to not retain Saurav Ganguly because he had just joined the team and was unattached, had he been a part of the team for long it would have been a tougher decision.

“I’ll break that down into two parts. Personally, for me, it didn’t see like a big decision, only because I was unattached. If I had been part of the organisation for three years, or two years or one year, it would have been a tougher decision,” Mysore said in the latest episode of ‘The RK show’ uploaded on Youtube.

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“This was like someone completely coming in from the outside, which I was, literally from the outside. Eventually, I realised, that for the organisation and for the owners, it was tough. It’s a decision and an approach that I proposed as I was given the mandate,” he said.

The owners stood behind my decision: Venky Mysore

KKR CEO has revealed that the owners of the team Shah Rukh, Jay and Juhi all backed his decision to not retain skipper Sourav Ganguly after his 3-year unsuccessful stint in the team.

“I look back at it, and I basically said this, that ‘I don’t know if it’s the right thing or do or not, and we may fall flat on our face. But, it’s a different approach. Are we all on board with this?’ If I have to attribute whatever success we have had to one thing, it is the fact that the owners – Shah Rukh, Jay, Juhi – have stood behind the decisions I have proposed. said Venky Mysore

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“I am not a complete lone-ranger maverick who runs off and wants to do my own thing. But at the same time, my entire career, I was used to being given the autonomy to operate, to also be accountable at the same time. I used to report to boards.

“But it could easily have been a micro-managing kind of situation, or second-guessing the decisions I have made, or saying that ‘yeah, but we made those announcements, but let’s not do that’. But they stood completely behind me. That is why they took a lot of flak for that and heat. As an organisation, it was tougher for them. But to be perfectly honest, it was not that tougher for me to make that decision,” Mysore further added.

KKR have reached UAE  for the IPL 2020 and are being captained by Dinesh Karthik. The IPL 2020 will begin from September 19 till November 10, a total 53-day campaign will see all the 8 teams play in UAE.

The venue this time is UAE and matches will be played in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. The tournament was originally scheduled to kick off from March 29 was postponed indefinitely after April 15 due to the rising number of coronavirus cases in the nation.