Indian Cricketing Legend Sachin Tendulkar has named Nasser Hussain the best captain he ever played against. Tendulkar believes that he was an ‘excellent strategist’ despite occasionally deployed ‘negative’ tactics. 

Speaking in his new autobiography, ‘Playing It My Way‘, serialized in The Times, Tendulkar quoted:

Among the captains I played against, I consider Nasser Hussain the best.

He was an excellent strategist and even if some of his tactics occasionally bordered on the negative – using the left-arm spinner Ashley Giles to bowl to me outside my leg stump from over the wicket, for example – he was a very good thinker about the game and was proactive.

“He would not place a fielder in a particular position after a shot was played. Rather, he had the ability to anticipate the shot and would place a fielder well in advance, making a real difference to the team.

“Nasser and Giles were counting on the fact that I would have limited scoring options off balls bowled there and were hoping to frustrate me and induce me to play a false shot. They has essentially given up any attempt to get me out in favour of trying to get under my skin.


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