One more time, Umar Akmal, the middle order batsman of Pakistan, has fallen in a deep soup because of his embroilment in a knock down and brags out with a security guard at the Gaddafi Stadium in Lahore.

Earlier, he had got involved in another controversy when he passed a whole day in jail in February following a fracas with a traffic warden in his hometown Lahore. This time, he could have been issued a notice to show cause over the incident at the entrance of the stadium on Monday.

In confirmation with the assertion of the witnesses, Umar wanted to take along his car into the stadium turf, but the security guard could not identify him and restricted him which left him to get mad at the guard. “Umar had showed up to the PCB head office to invite them to his wedding ceremony later this month. But after the argument with security guard he went out with a rage without handing them the invitation cards.” The source stated.

The Pakistan batsman lost his temper when the guard could not allow him to park his car in the stadium territory, telling him to park outside.

Usually, cricketers and other players are permitted to line up their cars inside the stadium which is heavily guarded normally. The board is going to investigate the matter, however.

Umar has made up to snuff only after he had been given the apology by the traffic warden with whom he got involved in a fight and he abandoned the Court case.

Umar is getting married to the daughter of the former Pakistan Test leg-spinner, Abdul Qadir.





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