5 Cricket Games Meant For The Android Phone Users

5 Cricket Games Meant For The Android Phone Users

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Cricket Games Meant For The Android Phone Users. Cricket is one of the most cherished games throughout the world, giving a close cut competition to all other sports. The cash-rich game consists of three main categories – Test match, ODI and T20, the latter being introduced a few years ago. And in the past few years, the popularity of the game has reached a par level. The International Council of Cricket is now, in fact, making efforts to include the game in the Olympics which is the next big event of sports. The council is stretching their arms to the other Asian countries and make the game all the more interesting.

However, the game is just not limited to the field and the tv screens now. Among other famous video games, cricket has roped its way through in the list of top favourite games. It has evolved to the extent of being one of the best high-tech games with quality reflexes and real-life animations.

Furthermore, the developers have now indulged in creating more android friendly games that could easily be accessible to everyone. One can get the cricket game effortlessly from the play store app and get all the fun of the cricket in their pockets. Below is the list of the best android cricket games to be played.

Best Cricket Games for the Android Phones

World Cricket Championship 2:

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Featuring all the three formats of the cricket – Test cricket, ODI and T20, WCC2 is one of the best mobile games available on an android phone. Its stunning real-life 3-D graphics gives the player the actual feel of the game, making it a dynamic game for mobiles. The cricket game is easily available on the Playstore application in every android mobile.

This cricket game has 45+ cricketing shots, power-packed tournaments to be played in about 32 stadiums. It allows one to play the famous events such as World Cup, T20, Blitz Tournament and Test cricket such as Ashes. WCC 2 is a dynamic game in the hoard of football, FIFA and NFS type of games.

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