Best Five Cricket Games For The IOS Users

Best Five Cricket Games For The IOS Users

From the start of the sports era, cricket has dominated any and all other games in the real world throughout. And the introduction of other formats in cricket along with different leagues taking place, the fever has only increased if possible. Increasing it furthermore, cricket fans are now rewarded with high-tech, 3-D and quality animated cricket games. Although cricket has been a part of the video games ever since the famous 1983 Prudential Cup, it never could gain the attraction as it did in real life.

Discussed below is the list of few latest cricket games that are easily available for the IOS users.

Best Latest Cricket Games Available on IOS:

Real Cricket 19

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For a die-hard cricket fan, Real Cricket 19 is one of the best cricket games to be released in 2019. It gives the most authentic, complete and surreal cricket experience in dynamic 3-dimensional graphics. The game runs over the USP of its one of the freshly introduced feature of playing head-on against a player in real-time.

However, this is not the only additional feature of the dynamic game. The new Real Cricket 19 presents a highly updated version of its predecessors. It has a recently updated setting called the “ultra settings”. By turning this mode on, the player experiences advanced animation effects and control panels in the game. The feature, in fact, allows the player to even control the weather conditions in the game as climate plays a vital role in cricket. It allows the player to choose which time of the day they prefer to experience different lightings and scenery.

This dynamic game comes with different game modes that allow the player to experience different formats of cricket. The Real Cricket 19, however, has limited modes free to play while several other special features need to be unlocked through in-app purchases.

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