Football fans and their stories are worth listening to and especially when the story involves romance of the FA Cup, it becomes even more special.

Ahead of the FA Cup final, an Arsenal fan decided to approach the Queen of Britain asking for a FA Cup final ticket.

As per the rules only 25,000 seats are allotted to the fans of FA Cup qualifying sides. Charlie Pearce, an Arsenal fan failed to secure his ticket and in turn he approached her majesty in a desperate attempt to secure the FA Cup final tickets.

What was surprising was that, Charlie did get a response from Buckingham Palace, although the response was a disappointing one but he got a reply.

Reply from the Buckingham’s Palace

Buckingham Palace’s Senior Correspondence Officer replied to Charlie’s letter by saying, Your request for The Queen to help you get tickets for yourself and your friend Leo Murphy has been carefully noted, however, I am afraid that this is not a matter with which Her Majesty would be able to assist you.

The Queen is a serious football fan herself. The Queen attented her first football match back in 1953 FA Cup final which was a 7-goal thriller between Blackpool and Bolton.

62 years on and she will see the FA Cup final trophy being presented by her grandson, Prince Williams. Ironically, Prince Williams is an Aston Villa fan. So we do know who which team will have the Royal support in the FA Cup final between Arsenal and Aston Villa.

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