Aakash Chopra
Aakash Chopra. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Former Indian Test cricketer Aakash Chopra believes that the tussle Virat Kohli and BCCI won’t benefit either party and Indian cricket will be the only loser if this saga goes in any further.

On Wednesday Virat Kohli revealed that he was informed (about captaincy change) only an hour and a half before the actual announcement. He also declined Sourav Ganguly’s claim in which the BCCI president said that he asked him (Virat Kohli) to reconsider his decision to resign from the T20 captaincy.

In his Youtube Channel, Aakash Chopra pointed out this lack of communication between the Indian Test Captain and BCCI. He also stated that it’s the loss of Indian cricket irrespective of who’s right or wrong.

Cricket Won't Be The Winner In This Tussle Between Virat Kohli And BCCI, Believes Aakash Chopra 1

“The question is not who is telling the truth and who is lying, who is right and who is wrong. The question is why this is happening because it is not about you and me, it’s not about him or the other guy, the fact is that the loser is actually Indian cricket.” Aakash Chopra spoke on his Youtube Channel.

The popular commentator also questioned the intentions of people spreading all the rumours regarding his availability for the ODI series against South Africa. The day before the press conference, BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal told Times Now that Virat Kohli asked for a break from the ODI series in South Africa.

“I was slightly surprised. I was reading a line that truth can be stranger than fiction, that’s exactly how it has happened. Virat Kohli said he never asked for leave, the news had come that he had asked for leave even before Rohit Sharma was named the captain. I mean this is a communication breakdown. Who is doing this and why is somebody doing this?” Chopra said.

File image of former India captain Sourav Ganguly and current skipper Virat Kohli.(PTI)
File image of former India captain Sourav Ganguly and current skipper Virat Kohli.(PTI)

“Captaincy is not a right but a privilege”

Also, he pointed out Virat Kohli’s ambitions to lead in other two formats. When Kohli quit T20 captain, he pointed out clearly that he would like to continue as ODI and Test Captain. Chopra feels that it might sit well with the selectors as he took this privilege for granted.

“The second thing is the ODI captaincy, that actually left a sour taste in the mouth. When Kohli had released his statement, he had said that he is quitting the T20I captaincy but would want to continue being Test and ODI skipper. Captaincy is not a right but a privilege. You cannot take a privilege for granted, that it is your right.” Chopra added further.

The former Indian Test opener also stated that it’s fine to replace any captain. But the most successful Indian captain deserves better communication from BCCI.

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