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Learn Martial Arts to become self-protected, responsible, successful and healthy citizen

By Tahir Ibn Manzoor

New Delhi: Making your world fearless and develop fitness with self-defense skills among you, Knockout Fight Club (KFC) – top ranking Martial Arts training club in Delhi and North India-offers the most affordable Martial Arts training packages with its varied training clubs located in different parts of the country.

Among the hundreds of passed out trainees from KFC, Pranjul Nayyar, who earlier felt hounded by threats on desolate streets of Delhi, says, she now feels fortified and protected in any violent atmosphere with skills of Mixed Martial Arts based training program for fitness, self defense or pro fighting training imparted to her in Kalkaji centre of Knockout Fight Club.

Martial Arts
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Like Pranjul, there are many female and male candidates who feel that in present circumstances everyone is concerned about his/her safety and self-protection so it is high time to acquire self defense skills and develop capabilities in combative art.

“We at Knockout Fight Club offer the best in class teachers, training curriculum and fighting opportunities, we offer the most affordable Martial Arts training packages that are fully customized based on your unique goals because we don’t believe in the one size fits all approach,” said Director Knockout Fight Club Mannan R Dattah.

He added that Knockout Fight Club provide a high energy and adrenaline-pumping atmosphere to help you learn like a champ. Some of the Fitness and Self-Defense based programs we teach are Mixed Martial Art, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Karate, Boxing, Weight loss training and much more to make every individual self-defensive and mostly the vulnerable gender woman is imparted training in self-protection and other areas of their interest.

Martial Arts
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Another, trainee Akash said that he joined Knockout Fight Club with an aim to become a responsive and responsible citizen of the country, “I got training in fitness and self-defense because one has to become physically fit and mentally strong to combat any kind of violence prevailing in our society, thus training at Knockout Fight Club is imperative for becoming responsible citizens of our nation.”

He added that simultaneously, basic fitness programs are designed to improve the overall performance of the candidate both mentally and physically.

“Knockout Fight Club are the leaders in Martial Arts training in New Delhi, it endeavours to make international quality Martial arts curriculums easily available and affordable for everyone; our set up for Martial Arts training in Saket, Noida Sector 76, Noida Extension,  Nehru Place, Kalaji, and Vishnu Garden is the outcome of the same pursuit.

“Conveniently located branches, we provide excellent facilities to help you enjoy every moment in the company of friendly but task-oriented trainers and disciplined members,” said Head Coach Amit Prajapati.

He added that being in the Martial Arts training business for many years, Knockout Fight Club respect the diversity in requirements and objectives; therefore, train you according to your personal objectives. The classes are conducted by qualified and experienced teachers; who know very well how to personalize the teaching practices according to an individual’s learning and practicing capability.

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“Your safety is our prime concern; so, feel confident about our systematic approach to self Defense and Mixed Martial Arts training even if you are a novice.

“Use of advanced methodologies and supporting devices makes the learning of any Martial Art a fun-filled activity irrespective of your physical strength and previous experience. The variety of classes for small batches is ever-expanding with every passing day,” he maintained.

Tahir Ibn Manzoor

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