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5 worst accidents in professional wrestling history 

You would have seen that a message appears during the show of WWE occasionally which requests the viewers not to try it at home, at school or anywhere. Wrestlers perform the high risk maneuvers just to satisfy the fans, but these maneuvers put their lives in risk. These risks sometimes lead to horrible injuries, sometimes death too. In this article, we will talk about the worst five accidents in the history of professional wrestling.

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Hayabusa breaks his neckHayabusa aka Eiji Ezaki is a former Japanese professional wrestler who wrestled throughout the 90s. Hayabusa had been a really talented wrestler, but his career came to an end in an unfortunate way. In October 2001, Hayabusa was wrestling with Mammoth Sasaki under the promotion of Frontier Martial Art Wrestling also known as FMW, Hayabusa attempted to perform a Moonsault from the mid rope, he accidentally slipped and fell on his neck.

Sasaki could not understand what exactly happened, he continued the fight. But when he understood something terrible has happened, he moved apart. Hayabusa actually broke his neck and this terrible injury forced him to take retirement from professional wrestling.

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Droz Gets Paralyzed – Multi talented professional wrestler Darren Drozdov started his professional wrestling career under ECW – Extreme Championship Wrestling. He wrestled in ECW for one year and joined WWE in 1998, he used the ring name ‘Puke’, later, he worked under the ring name of Droz. He looked quite promising as he booked his name in the PWI 500 in 1999, he was ranked #142. Unfortunately, Droz’s career had to come to an end on the same year.

It was the date of 5th October, 1999, he was wrestling D’ Lo Brown in a taping of Smackdown, D’ Lo attempted his signature power bomb on Droz which went horribly wrong. Sadly, Droz could not continue his wrestling career after that as he was paralyzed.

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Sid Vicious Breaks his leg – A former two times World Wrestling Federation Champion and a two times former WCW World Heavyweight champion Sid Vicious aka Sycho Sid committed a dangerous injury during WCW’s pay per view event ‘Sin’ in 2001. It was scheduled to be a four way match for the WCW World Heavyweight championship where the champion Scott Steiner defended his championship against Jeff Jarrett, Animal and of course Sycho Sid. Sid performed a big boot from over the turn buckle during the match, he landed on his left foot unsuccessfully and broke his leg. The video of this incident is available on you tube.

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Mitsuharu Misawa’s deathMitsuharu Misawa was a big name in professional wrestling. He wrestled in All Japan Pro Wrestling and Pro Wrestling Noah throughout his career. Sadly, in June 13, 2009, Misawa was performing a tag team action at the Hiroshima Green Stadium, during the action Misawa lost consciousness after receiving a Belly to Back Suplex from Akitoshi Saito. Misawa was taken to the hospital immediately and was pronounced dead on 10:10 p.m.

Owen Hart’s death – Arguably, the worst accidents in the history of professional wrestling was Owen Hart’s death during Over the Edge pay per view event of WWE in 1999. Owen was performing the gimmick of the Blue Blazer and he was scheduled to perform a grand entrance. During performing this entrance, he accidentally fell down and landed on the ropes. The reason of the death was revealed as internal bleeding due to blunt force trauma.

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