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AJ Lee Revealed How Her Life Changed After Leaving WWE 

AJ Lee Revealed How Her Life Changed After Leaving WWE

Former WWE wrestler AJ Lee recently attended a Q&A session with Post-It Forward. Some highlights of that Q&A session are given below as provided by WrestlingINC.

How’s life changed since leaving wrestling?

“I sleep. Damn, do I sleep. Also, I’m about fifteen pounds heavier because of donuts. Do you know about donuts? Donuts.”

What was your favourite chapter to write?

“My letter to my future daughter was the first thing I wrote. It was my way of letting my editors know how ridiculous the tone of this book would be while still trying to send a positive message, and they were awesome about it. I also got to type ‘morning boners’ so it’s maybe my greatest professional accomplishment.”

What do you think was the most important thing you learnt about yourself while writing your book ‘Crazy Is My Superpower’? Was the process therapeutic?

“The process was free therapy. It definitely helped me heal old wounds. Once the book was finished I realised that if I take a huge goal one day at a time I can accomplish anything. Pretty sure this is my superhero origin story…”

Do you have any advice for people who *Think* they may have a mental illness, but aren’t sure where to start the process of diagnosis?

“My life officially started the day I decided to get treatment. There are a million ways to take that first step. Having a simple conversation with someone you trust, putting the words out there can alleviate so much of the burden. I believe in all sorts of treatment from therapy to medication to simple steps you can take in your day to day life, but choosing an action is the most important first step you can take.”

When you’re going through a hard time with your mental health, what do you do to cope?

“What works for one person can be entirely different for another. So I had to try a lot of different methods to find that control in my life. I’ve discovered that physical exercise is a surefire way to clear my head and lift my spirits. There’s a definite science behind it, the rush of endorphins, adrenaline, etc- but ultimately it helps me to feel capable and strong.”

What made you embrace being the weird one?

“I never fit in, no matter how hard I tried, in whatever situation I was in. I eventually realised that being different was the best thing about me. When you are confident in who you are, however “strange” that may be, it will actually attract people to you.”

Who are your favourite sports teams if you’re into sports?

“I know nothing about sports except that arenas have amazing snack foods.”

What are some of your hobbies?

“Sleeping, eating breakfast foods all day long, video games, eating more breakfast foods, petting strangers’ dogs, etc.”

What’s your favourite comic book? and why?

“All time: The Killing Joke. I think the idea that one pivotal moment can either make or break someone is something I’ve held dear my whole life. You have to choose to not be broken. Current favourites are Saga, Monstress, b—h Planet, Sex Criminals, Rachel Rising, pretty much anything with kickass female leads.”

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