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Feud and Storyline Ideas : Kofi Kingston – R Truth (Non-Title Feud)

We have started a series of articles where we will share some ideas for the possible feuds in the future. It is not necessary that these discussed feuds will take place in the future; this is just the ideas, the best possible ideas. And folks, you are also requested to share your views. We are giving our views, comment on our views and share yours too. Involve any superstar you wish, share your dream storyline ideas. But don’t forget that this PG, if you share a storyline idea, try to give realistic ideas. In this series of articles, you will see various ideas involving different superstars. We will give our ideas involving two or more superstars, sometimes tag team ideas because we all know the current status of the tag team division, how poor it is. We will also share views on divas. In this part of these articles; we will give ideas for a possible one on one non-title feud in the future.

 The match is scheduled to be a two on two tag team match featuring other tag teams like the Prime Time Players and The Usos. Before the match starts, R Truth enters the arena and says he is also competing in this match along with his partner, and he introduces his partner Kofi Kingston. Truth and Kofi win the match and become the no 1 contender for the tag team championship. Next week, the GM of the show will announce the tag team championship match for the next PPV event. On that night, R Truth will face one half of the tag team champion Seth Rollins one on one. When the match starts, the other two members of the Shield remain on Rollins’ side and Kofi Kingston remains at R Truth’s side. After the match goes for a while, the other two shield members started creating distractions for Truth. Kofi jumps on them to help his friend. He performs some high flying maneuvers which distract Truth, and Rollins took the advantage of the situation with a roll-up pin and wins the match. After the match, Truth left the arena alone, disappointed. Next week Truth and Kofi face against any tag team in just a tag team action which they easily win. After the match Seth and Roman try to attack them but they beat them down and they celebrated with the tag team titles. Next is the PPV event where the championship is on the line. Kofi and Truth dominate throughout the match. At the end, when Truth is the legal man, both shield members try to work together on Truth, Kofi comes in for help, he throws one of the Shield members out of the ring and attempts Trouble in Paradise on the legal Shield member but he accidentally hits Truth. As soon as he hits him, the Shield member who was thrown out of the ring drags him down and the legal Shield member pins Truth for the victory. After the match, Kofi comes in to shake hands with Truth but Truth doesn’t and leaves the arena. Next week (on either or Raw or Smackdown), a No 1 contenders battle royal for the intercontinental championship has been announced which includes both Kofi Kingston and R Truth. It is scheduled to be the main event. In the match, after everyone gets eliminated, Kofi and Truth remain the only two legal men. Both try to eliminate each other but they got simultaneously eliminated. Next week, a one on one match between the two individuals announced to determine the No 1 contender. The intercontinental champion interferes during their match and the match goes to double disqualification. Next week, a triple threat match for the intercontinental championship match at the next PPV event announced featuring Truth and Kofi. In the PPV, Kofi Kingston wins the match and becomes the intercontinental champion. Next week, the former intercontinental champion demands his rematch clause, R Truth comes out and he also looks for a rematch. The GM announces a one on one match between R Truth and the former champion to determine the No 1 contender on that night. In this match, Kofi remains on the side of Truth but the former champion wins the match, it is a clean victory. Next week, the former champion faces off against Kofi for the championship. Truth remains on the side of Kofi. At the end of the match, when Kofi is preparing his finisher Truth hits him from outside which referee does not notice. Truth leaves the arena as the former champion hits his finisher on Kofi to win the match and get the championship back. Next week, Truth comes out and says their tag team is over, Kofi never remained on his side, every time they went on together, Truth could not achieve anything. Kofi attacks Truth meanwhile but he escapes. A one on one match between the two announced for the next PPV.

So this is set up of this feud. It can go in either way and it can continue for a while too, some more one on one matches between can be featured using interesting stipulations. Friends let us know how you like this storyline.

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