Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns. Image Credits: Twitter

Roman Reigns Bio:

Roman Reigns whom we also refer to as ‘The Head of the Table’ is an American Professional wrestler who started his wrestling career in 2010. Before moving into the world of wrestling, he worked as an American Football player. He started playing football at a very young age. He belongs to a Samoan family and a lot of his family members were active in the wrestling business. In this story, we would get to know about all of them.

Roman Reigns is not the biggest name in WWE today, but he is the biggest star in the world of professional wrestling today. Recently, he has accomplished a huge milestone. He became the first WWE wrestler in 36 years to hold a World title for more than 1000 days. WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan was the last WWE star to achieve such a milestone and that was back in 1987.

Reigns would be considered one of the most dominant World Champions in WWE history

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns. Image Credits: Twitter

Roman Reigns Height, Weight, Age & More

Reigns was born on 25th May, 1985 at Tampa, Florida. Roman Reigns dad is WWE Hall of Famer Sika Anoa’i who is a former three times WWE Tag Team Champion. Roman Reigns Mother is Patricia Anoa’i. Reigns is billed at 191 cm in WWE. He weights around 265 lbs. Currently, he is 38 year old.

Reigns has an excellent build for a dominant World Champion, something that he rightfully is

Roman Reigns Early Life

Roman Reigns’ real name is Leati Joseph Anoa’i and he was born in Pensacola, Florida. He belongs from a Samoan-American family and his family produced a lot of top wrestlers. He studied in Pensacola Catholic High School and Escambia High School and then he graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology. Growing up, he admired ‘The Hitman’ Bret Hart as his favorite wrestler.

Reigns had been a childhood wrestling fan and it was always his dream to be a professional wrestler

Who is Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns is a WWE Superstar and he is currently the biggest name not only in WWE but in the world of professional wrestling as well. He had been a six times WWE World Champion and he has other Championships and Accomplishments too. Right now, he is holding the Undisputed WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship quite strongly.

there are rumours that he is not going to drop his Universal title before WrestleMania 40. Some sources also claim that there are internal considerations that he would beat the record of Hulk Hogan’s 1474 days reign.

Roman Reigns WWE Debut

At Survivor Series 2012, he made his main roster debut along with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. On the main event of the mentioned show, CM Punk was defending the WWE Championship against John Cena and Ryback. The Shield appeared out of the crowd and beat down Ryback. CM Punk snatched the victory in this match. From the very first day of his career, he had the potential to be the face of the promotion.

Grand Slam, The Shield, Big Dog

The Shield was one of the most dominated stables in wrestling history. The stable remained a team for nearly two years and in 2014, Seth Rollins betrayed Reigns and Ambrose. The faction reunited occasionally but by the time all of them became top level singles stars, and Roman Reigns became the Big Dog. He also became ninth Grand Slam (current format) of WWE. He is also the 28th Triple Crown champion of WWE.

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns. Image Credits: Twitter

Roman Reigns Made His WWE Main Roster Debut Back In 2012

The Big Dog character was supposed to be a dominant monster babyface but he mostly received negative reactions during the time since the WWE Universe was not ready to accept him as the face of the promotion. The fans wanted Daniel Bryan to get this push, but WWE kept on forcing Roman Reigns to the fans. It had been a very difficult time for Reigns in WWE.

Roman Reigns Professional Wrestling Career

Reigns got a big break in the initial days of his wrestling career as he got to sign a contract with WWE and started working in the FCW which was the development territory of WWE during the time. Believe it or not, he teamed up with Tyler Breeze during the time who worked under the ring name of Mike Dalton. Together they won the FCW Tag Team Championship one time as well.

Roman Reigns debut

At Survivor Series 2012, he made his main roster debut along with Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose. Together they were famously known as The Shield. Their faction is still considered one of the best factions in WWE history. In 2014, the faction ended and all three wrestlers started working solo. Reigns was the biggest project of them all. He was destined to be a top star from the very first day.

Early Triumphs

In 2015, he won the Royal Rumble match and went on to headline WrestleMania for the first time in his career. This was one of his first WrestleMania events that he featured on the main event. After a lot of ups and downs in his career, Roman Reigns suffered leukemia in 2018. He had to leave but he miraculously returned to action in 2019 and this was the beginning of his ultimate success.

Ultimate Success

At Payback 2020, he won the WWE Universal Heavyweight Championship after returning from injury and he also remained undefeated for over three and a half years. This also marked his epic Heel Turn. He also became the first wrestler in 36 years to keep a WWE World title for over 1000 days. He even became the first ever WWE star walk into the main event as a champion for three consecutive WrestleMania events. He will always be remembered as one of the top stars of the promotion.

Roman Reigns Championship Reign

Currently it has crossed 1000 day mark and he recently beat Pedro Morales’ record of 1027 days’ reign. Is Roman Reigns still champion? Yes, indeed. In fact, he is heavily rumored to walk in as the champion at WrestleMania 40. In fact, there are internal discussions that he might keep his Universal Championship until WrestleMania 41.

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns. Image Credits: Twitter

Roman Reigns Injury

One of the biggest reasons behind him being the face of WWE is not getting injured much often. Roman Reigns leukemia / Roman Reigns cancer was a heartbreaking news for the wrestling fans. He suffered it in 2018 but he returned strongly in February, 2019. Currently, he is suffering from a back injury which he suffered at Summerslam. But it is not severe as per reports. Thankfully, these injuries could not harm his career much.

Roman Reigns Professional Information:


Ring Name


Roman Reigns


Nick Names


The Big Dog, The Guy, The Tribal Chief, The Head of the Table




Professional Wrestler, Former American Footballer








265 lbs


Relationship Status




Net Worth


20 Million


Roman Reigns Eye Color




Hair Color




Wrestling Debut






Jim Ross


Roman Reigns Signature Moves


The Superman Punch, Samoan Drop


Finishing Move(s)


Spear, Guillotine Choke


Theme Song / Roman Reigns Song / Roman Reigns Music


The Truth Reigns (Previous), Head of the Table (Current)




Believe That, Acknowledge Me




Roman Reigns Net Worth & Salary

The current Roman Reigns net worth is somewhere around $20 million according to reports. He is also one of the highest paid WWE stars. Reports suggest that he earns $5 million yearly. Indeed, he is the biggest name in WWE but he is not the highest paid WWE superstar. You know who earns the highest salary in WWE? It is Brock Lesnar. But the day does not look very far when he would surpass everyone.

Roman Reigns Family

As mentioned above, Roman Reigns belonged from a family with a wrestling background. He is the son of WWE Hall of Famer and former three times WWE Tag Team Champion Sika Anoa’i. His elder brother Rosey was a famous WWE star during the Ruthless Aggression Era and he had been a WWE Tag Team Champions. Current and former Bloodline Members The Usos and Solo Sikoa are his real life cousins. He has other family members who were also active in the wrestling business. WWE Legend and Hollywood megastar The Rock is also recognized as his cousin.

Roman Reigns House

Roman Reigns lives in Tampa, Florida and the current house that he lives in is reportedly worth $2,436,216. Before that, he lived in Bloomingdale which he sold for a reported fee of $800,000 in September of 2020. He lives with his family. Reigns’ wife and children lives along with him.

Roman Reigns Football career

Reigns played football in Pensacola Catholic High School and one year at Escambia High School. He was named Defensive Player of the Year by the Pensacola News Journal in his senior year. Minnesota Vikings was the first NFL team to sign him in May, 2007. Roman Reigns leukemia was seen for the first time and he was released.

The Jacksonville Jaguars signed him in August of the same year but they released him in less than a year time. Later, the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League (CFL) signed him in 2008 and in November of the same year and he had been an active player of the mentioned team, he announced his retirement from Football.

He used to wear no. 99 shirt while playing for Edmonton Eskimos. Roman Reigns’s most memorable was against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in September, 2008, where he tied for the team lead with five tackles and had a forced fumble. Reigns was released by the Edmonton Eskimos on November 10 and after his release, he retired from professional football. We are pretty sure that Reigns made the right leap.

Roman Reigns Football: Pre-draft measurable

Height Weight 40-yard dash 10-yard split 20-yard split Three-cone drill Vertical jump Broad jump
6 ft 2+5⁄8 in 303 lb

(137 kg)

4.91 s 1.61 s 2.83 s 7.29 s 34.0 in

(0.86 m)

9 ft 5 in

(2.87 m)

All values from Pro Day

H/T – Wikipedia

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns. Image Credits: Twitter

Championships and accomplishments

Roman Reigns won his first championship gold in the main roster was back in 2012 and it was the WWE Tag Team titles along with Seth Rollins. It was when he was a member of the Shield. At Survivor Series 2015, he won his first WWE World title but after he won, Sheamus cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on him to take the title away from him.

Reigns won his last World title at WrestleMania 38 where he faced Brock Lesnar in a champion vs. champion match. While entering this match, he was already holding the Universal title which he won at Payback 2020 and did not drop it yet. He kept on carrying both titles until recently, he was given a new unified WWE Universal Championship.

Apart from a total six World title wins, he won the WW United States Championship and the WWE Intercontinental Championship in 2016 and in 2017 respectively. While winning these titles, he was already a three times WWE World Champion. After dropping the IC title to the Miz in an episode of RAW in January, 2018, he never returned to the mid card title picture again. Since 2020, he is pretty much of a regular on the main event scene.

Roman Reigns Championships and Accomplishments Table:






Championships and Accomplishments / Trophy (WWE)


WWE Champion (4 Times), WWE Universal Champion (2 Times), WWE Intercontinental Champion (1 Time), WWE United States Champion (1 Time), WWE Tag Team Champion, 28th Triple Crown Champion, FCW Florida Tag Team Championship (1 time), Ninth Grand Slam Champion (under current format; 17th overall), Royal Rumble (2015), Elimination Chamber (2018), Slammy Award (7 times), WWE Year-End Awards (2 times), Bumpy Award (1 time)















Awards & Achievements (Outside WWE)


CBS Sports – Feud of the Year (2020) vs. Jey Uso,

ESPN – Best storyline of the year (2022) – part of The Bloodline and Sami Zayn, Male wrestler of the year (2022),

ESPY Awards – Best WWE Moment (2019) – Reigns returns to Raw and announces that his leukemia was in remission

New York Post – Storyline of the Year (2022) – part of The Bloodline and Sami Zayn

Pro Wrestling Illustrated – Comeback of the Year (2019), Inspirational Wrestler of the Year (2018, 2019), Most Hated Wrestler of the Year (2016), Most Improved Wrestler of the Year (2015), Tag Team of the Year (2013) – with Seth Rollins, Ranked No. 1 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2016 and 2022

Sports Illustrated – Wrestler of the Year (2021)

Wrestling Observer Newsletter – Best Box Office Draw (2022), Best Gimmick (2021) as “The Tribal Chief”, Most Improved (2013), Most Improved (2013), Most Overrated (2016), Worst Feud of the Year (2013) – as part of The Authority vs. Big Show







Became the first WWE star in 36 years to retain a WWE World Title for over 1000 days, first wrestler to walk in the main event of three consecutive WrestleMania events as the World Champion

Personal life & Lifestyle

Roman Reigns lives in Tampa, Florida with his family. Before that, he lived in Bloomingdale which he sold in September of 2020. Roman Reigns hairstyle is a question that is often asked by his fans. The sides of the hair of his head are cropped to a medium taper, and sometimes, he styles it into a high fade. He has a great workout schedule as well and his schedule in fixed for each day of the week.

Roman Reigns cars – Reigns has a total of six cars and all of them are luxury cars like Range Rover and Cadillac Escalade and all of them would cost at a total of nearly $500,000. Roman Reigns has always been a big car enthusiast.

Roman Reigns Personal Life & Lifestyle Table:


Roman Reigns Real Name / Full Name


Leati Joseph Anoa’i


Birth Date     



May 25, 1985


Roman Reigns Age




Relationship Status




Zodiac Sign






Pensacola, Florida, USA








Pensacola, Florida, USA




Georgia Institute of Technology, Escambia High School, Pensacola Catholic High School




Georgia Institute of Technology


Educational Qualification


Majored in Management




Roman Catholic


Roman Reigns Ethnicity


Samoan, Italian


Current Residence


Tampa, Florida




Playing American Football, Travelling


Roman Reigns Tattoo


Traditional Samoan Tribal Tattoo on Right Sleeve to Right Chest

Roman Reigns Movies and TV Shows

Reigns never worked as a regular movie star but he did feature in some movies in short roles. He never worked in the lead role of any movies. He also gave voiceover in some animated movies. He did appear in some TV Shows too. We can expect him to work in more movies and TV shows in the near future.

Roman Reigns Wife

Reigns first met Galina Becker in 2007 and their first baby was born on December, 2008. In 2014, seven years after they met for the first time, the couple got married to each other and they are living a happy married life in Tampa, Florida. Together, they have welcomed five children in total. Together, they are living a happy married life.

Return of Reigns after Leukemia

Roman Reigns cancer

Reigns had to quit wrestling in 2018 after he suffered leukemia. But he fought leukemia successfully and in February, 2019, he made his return to action. This was the beginning of the ultimate success of his career. Finally, WWE was able to build him like they always wanted him to.

Reigns previously suffered leukemia during his football career and unfortunately, it returned in 2018 which could potentially destroy his professional wrestling career. But fortunately, he fought it successfully and he returned to action after a number of years. Somehow, this battle made him even a bigger star

Return After Leukemia

Upon his return, he started working as a babyface and he continued playing his regular ‘Big Dog’ character which was never very well received by the fans. But his battle with leukemia earned him love and respect from the fans. Finally, WWE was slowly succeeding in the way they always wanted to build him.

Run as a Successful Babyface

Upon his return, he started working as a babyface this was the first time since his early days WWE that the fans were cheering for him. It was a massive success no doubt. He kept on doing non title feuds with his fellow big names like Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin. It was pretty much clear that WWE was building him for something big, really big.

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns. Image Credits: Twitter

Reigns picked up some huge victories over the likes of McIntyre and Elias. He had a long feud with McIntyre and he defeated The Scottish Warrior in almost all occasions. They even had a mega match at WrestleMania 35 which Reigns won. Reigns remained on the non title picture for more than a year and he did not participate in WrestleMania 36 which was heart breaking for his fans.

Heel Turn and the Rise of The Tribal Chief

Reigns remained absent for a number of months before making a triumphant return at Summerslam 2020. The then WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt successfully defended his title against Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns appeared out of nowhere to attack Bray Wyatt after his victory over Strowman. Reigns made his intentions pretty much clear by this sudden attack. It also marked the iconic heel turn of Reigns.

At the very next pay per view event of WWE which was Payback, Reigns challenged for the WWE Universal title. It was a triple threat match which also included Braun Strowman. This was the time when Reigns won the Universal title and did not drop it yet. It had been three long years since he won the title, and he is still holding it.

After winning the Universal Championship, he started to get into back to back mega feuds with multiple big names. The first challenger for his Universal title was Jey Uso whom Reigns defeated in multiple occasions. This feud also marked the beginning of his Tribal Chief character. Kevin Owens stepped up to challenge Reigns next for the title who lost too. Other big names like Edge, Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar, John Cena and many other stepped in, but Reigns managed to shut all of them down.

But this epic run also brought many criticisms such as his part time appearances. After WrestleMania 37, he stopped appearing regularly and he did not defend his title on a regular basis either. He has to receive massive criticism for this but popularity and success kept on rising and he is one of the biggest reasons behind WWE’s ultimate success today.

The Bloodline

The Bloodline stable was formed in 2021 and there had been a lot of ups and downs in this storyline. It started to get the kick after Sami Zayn became a part of it who did an excellent job to help the storyline become one of the best ever. The angle at Royal Rumble 2023 is considered the best cinematic moment in wrestling history.

The storyline is still going on with the Bloodline Civil War still being the delicacy. At Money in the Bank PLE, Reigns got pinned by Jey Uso and it took more than three and a half years for someone to pin him. But he defeated Jey Uso at Summerslam to successfully retain the title. It is confirmed if the story would continue but it would always be considered one of the best stories ever told in professional wrestling.

Iconic Quotes From Roman Reigns

“This whole wrestling world is a different breed, there’s no doubt.”

“You can’t socialise without being faceless idiots. More people have Facebook friends than actual friends these days.”

“There’s always something that you can learn and something you can teach.”

“Growing up, I’ve had plenty of obstacles, but to be honest, I didn’t always have doubters. I was a standout athlete, so when that happens, you don’t have too many people telling you ‘You can’t do this,’ and ‘You can’t do that.’ I’ve always been a bit of a people person and a hard worker.”

I’m not a crazy Twitter guy to where I’m tweeting out stuff every day, and rarely even once a week do I tweet. But I mean, occasionally, I read some stuff.

H/T – Brainyquote

Notable Feuds and Rivalries of Roman Reigns

Reigns has had many feuds over the years and rivalries too. But his biggest rival throughout his career remained The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar. The duo featured on three different WrestleMania main events, from WrestleMania 31 to WrestleMania 38. They did not fight each other after Reigns’ victory over Brock at Summerslam 2022, but there are definitely possibilities that they would have more rivalries in the future.

Apart from Brock Lesnar, he had other big rivals too like Seth Rollins. The Visionary is a wrestler that Roman Reigns could never beat. Every time these two wrestlers went head to head, Reigns had to face the taste of defeat. Their last encounter took place at Royal Rumble 2022 where again, Reigns lost via DQ.

Apart from these names, Drew McIntyre had also been a big rival of Roman Reigns over the years. But unlike Rollins, Reigns had been immensely successful over The Scottish Warrior. The duo had a total five one on one matches together, and Reigns defeated him in all of these five competitions. This iconic duo last faced each other at Clash at the Castle last year where Roman Reigns won.

Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns. Image Credits: Twitter

Roman Reigns Injury

Reigns did not suffer many injuries in his career. He was sidelined by leukemia in 2018 and he remained out of action for a number of months. Recently, he picked up a back injury at Summerslam PLE where he defended his Universal title against Jey Uso. In spite of being injured, he still appeared last week on Smackdown and he had an unofficial fight with Jey Uso as well.

Other Details

Roman Reigns Boots – The boots he wears are Nike Air Griffey Max 1 “Freshwater” as per reports from The Sports Rush.

Growing up, Roman Reigns admired WWE Hall of Famer “The Hitman” Bret Hart as his favorite wrestler. Some more unknown facts about ‘The Head of the Table’ are given below;


Roman Reigns Salary


$5 million


Brand Endorsements


C4 Energy








Make-A-Wish, Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Social Media Accounts

Roman Reigns is active on both Twitter and Instagram. Roman Reigns Twitter – it has a total of 5 million followers. Roman Reigns Instagram – The account has a total of 7.6 million followers. Roman Reigns Twitter. Roman Reigns Instagram.

Roman Reigns Win Loss Record

Promotion Win % Draw % Loss %
FCW 54 (65.85%) 2 (2.44%) 26 (31.71%)
NXT 14 (93.33%) 0 (0.00%) 1 (6.67%)
WWE 724 (68.69%) 34 (3.23%) 296 (28.08%)
TOTAL 792 (68.81%) 36 (3.13%) 323 (28.06%)

Roman Reigns Manager

Wrestling Legend Paul Heyman is working as his manager or better say, the Special Counsel since Reigns adopted the Tribal Chief gimmick. Heyman is definitely one of the biggest reasons behind the ultimate success of Reigns. He is also creatively involved in his storylines. He was also a big part of the Bloodline storyline which is considered one of the best stories ever told in wrestling history.


Q. When did Roman Reigns start wrestling?

A. He started working in the wrestling world since 2010

Q. What is the size of Reigns’ biceps?

A. Reigns’ biceps measure somewhere around 20 inches

Q. How tall is Roman Reigns in feet?

A. Reigns is billed at 6’3” in WWE

Q. How many times Reigns won WWE World Championship?

A. Reigns won a total six world titles in WWE, four WWE Championships and two WWE Universal Championships

Q. Who is the real life Roman Reigns brother?

A. Roman Reigns real brother – Rosey aka Matthew Tapunu’u Anoaʻi who was a WWE star. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2017

Q. What was the last time Reigns got pinned?

A. Reigns got pinned at Money in the Bank 2023 by Jey Uso. Before that, he got pinned by Baron Corbin in December 2019. He remained unpinned for three and a half years.

Q. Who was Roman Reigns’ father?

A. Reigns’ father is WWE Hall of Famer Sika who is a former three times WWE Tag Team Champion

Q. Roman Reigns Twin Brother – Is there anyone such?

A. Reigns does not have a twin brother. His only brother was former WWE Star Rosey about whom we have already talked about. So Roman Reigns twins do not exist.

Q. Who are Roman Reigns parents?

A. Reigns’ father is Sika Anoa’i who is a WWE legend and former three times WWE Tag Team Champion. Reigns’ mother’s name is Patricia Anoa’i.

Q. Who is Roman Reigns wife?

A. Galina Becker is the wife of Reigns.

Q. When is Roman Reigns Birthday?

A. 25th May

Q. How many times Reigns featured on WrestleMania main event?

A. Reigns featured in seven different WrestleMania events

Q. Whom did Reigns challenge on his first WrestleMania main event?

A. Reigns challenged Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 31 and it was his first WrestleMania main event. Seth Rollins cashed in his Money in the Bank contract in this match to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Q. How many times did Roman Reigns win the WWE World Championship?

A. He won six total World titles in WWE (4 WWE Championships and 2 Universal Championships)

Q. Who is the first wrestler to pin Reigns in the main roster?

A. The first wrestler who pinned Reigns was Jey Uso back in September, 2013.

Q. Who is the favorite wrestler of Roman Reigns?

A. Roman Reigns favorite wrestler is “The Hitman” Bret Hart.

Q. Who is the biggest rival of Roman Reigns?

A. Over the years, Reigns had many rivals, but Brock Lesnar is considered his biggest rival.