Salaries of WWE Superstars

Vicky / 17 August 2015

The WWE has announced its top 20 earners in 2015 and the list is all set to spring a surprise for the fans. As expected, leading wrestler John Cena leads the pack by earning 5 Million US Dollars.

Next in the list is The Rock, who earns just 2.9 Million US Dollars, more than 2 Million less than highest earner John Cena. The Rock is followed by his arch-rival and the COO of the company Triple-H, who is at the third spot with 2.7 Million USD. The Viper Randy Orton is the only other full-time wrestler apart from John Cena in the top 6 as he grosses 2.45 Million USD. Undertaker, with 2.25 Million and Brock Lesner with 2 Million USD complete the top six and are followed by Sheamus (1.3 Million), Roman Reigns (1.35 Million), Big Show (1.35 Million) and Kane (1.3 Million) in the top 10.

Most of the players in the WWE are part-timers and it is not good on WWE’s part to pay the wrestlers in the current roster less than those part-timers. For instance, highly talented wrestlers like Cesaro, Stardust (Cody Rhodes), Wade Barrett, Bray Wyatt doesn’t even feature in the top-20 while the likes of Brock Lesner, who comes once in a fortnight and stand alongside Paul Heyman, who gives an extraordinary Promo and build him like a Beast earns over 2 Million USD. Even Undertaker, who comes less than five times a year features in the list while the current WWE Champion Seth Rollins doesn’t even make the top 20.

Here are the top-20 earning WWE Superstars (as of June 2015):

20. Kofi Kingston- $354,200

19. Sincara- $600,000

18. Ryback- $655,000

17. Rob Van Dam aka. RVD- $655,000

16. Daniel Bryan- $700,000

15. Goldust- $725,000

14. Dean Ambrose- $850,000

13. The Miz- $870,000

12. Dolph Ziggler- $900,000

11. Mark Henry- $965,000

10. Kane- $1.3 Million

9. Big Show- $1.35 Million

8. Roman Reigns- $1.35 Million

7. Sheamus- $1.55 Million

6. Brock Lesner- $2 Million

5. The Undertaker- $2.25 Million

4. Randy Orton- $2.45 Million

3. Triple-H- $2.7 Million

2. The Rock- $2.9 Million

1. John Cena- $5 Million

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