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The Undertaker is not only one of the all-time greats in WWE history but he also used to be a locker room leader. Spending over 30 years in a similar environment gives you certain advantages and he utilized all of those including his documented friendship with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. He obviously had some plugs to pull that could have made changes to WWE’s plans.

Apart from being the leader of WWE Superstars, The Undertaker also found the love of his life in the company, itself. Debuting in 2007, Michelle McCool started dating the legendary superstar within a few months which resulted in their marriage, three years later. For once, there has been an occasion where the husband may have saved his partner from doing some sort of unwanted angle.

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The Undertaker Scrapped WWE Storyline Booked For Michelle McCool 1

Freddie Prinze Jr. worked as a writer in WWE for a bit and he recently revealed some around Vince McMahon’s company. For obvious reason, he also kept a safe distance from The Boss. Now, the former writer has disclosed another instance of WWE’s backstage politics.

The Undertaker canceled an angle for her partner’s behalf?

During Wrestling With Freddie, the Scooby-Doo actor remembered that he was working on a story featuring Michelle McCool. However, a top official within the WWE, Michael Hayes had informed him that McCool talked to her better half, and then he spoke to Vince McMahon in order to get the story canceled.

“He [Hayes] goes, ‘Well, Michelle said that you and her talked and she didn’t really like the story, so it’s gone,’” Prinze Jr. said. “He goes, ‘Freddie, she talked to Undertaker, Undertaker talked to Vince, the story’s gone.”

The Undertaker Scrapped WWE Storyline Booked For Michelle McCool 2

The Undertaker did have a lot of powers around the locker room, back in the days and his buddyhood with McMahon helped in many ways in that. So, he was able to save her real-life partner from some sort of catastrophe. However, this incident comes in a full contradiction to what McCool recently noted in an interview with Wives of Wrestling.

The former Divas Champion mentioned how despite getting married to The Undertaker, she “never asked him for anything.” McCool also implied how people won’t believe this comment of hers.

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