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WWE Battleground : John Cena vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns

It was the main event match of the Battleground pay per view event. Randy Orton came out first to arena, followed by the Devil’s Favorite Demon Kane, Roman Reigns entered next through the crowd as he always did, and the WWE World Heavyweight champion John Cena entered the arena at the end.

Orton and Kane discussed their strategy as the match started, Kane fought with Roman Reigns and Randy Orton went for the champion John Cena. Cena got the early strike on Orton as he threw him out of the ring. He attempted to throw and smash Orton with the steel steps and but Orton countered and he smashed Cena’s arms on it.

In the ring, Reigns was dominating Kane, Randy Orton came out to help his buddy. Reigns easily cultivated against Orton. As Reigns hit a hard stomp into the face of Orton, Kane hit an upper cut on Reign’s face.

Orton and Kane teamed up against Reigns as they stomped him with their feet. Kane threw Reigns to the nearby turn buckle and both Kane and Orton clotheslined him onto it. Cena attempted to enter the ring but Kane took him out with a punch.

Reigns fought back meanwhile. He nailed both Orton and Kane with a double clothesline. Reigns attempted to apply a suplex on Kane but Orton blocked it. Kane and Orton double suplexed Reigns. Kane attempted a pin on Reigns which he kicked out, surprisingly, Kane did not attempt to block it.

The team work of Kane and Randy Orton continued. Cena suddenly entered the ring and suplexed Orton. He attempted the pin and Kane broke it. Reigns went out of the ring for a little rest. Orton and Kane turned their attention on Cena now. Kane went out of the ring and smashed Reigns’ head with the steel post.

In the ring, John Cena was fighting back by hitting running Bulldog on Orton. Kane went inside the ring and hit a side slam on Cena. He allowed Orton to attempt another pin which Cena was able to kick out in two. Orton and Kane teamed up again and fought against Cena.

Reigns tried to enter the ring but Kane took him out with a head butt. Cena and Orton fought inside the ring as Kane went out for Reigns. As soon as Kane left the ring, Cena fought back against Orton, he was about to connect the Attitude Adjustment and Kane blocked him with an upper cut.

They teamed up against Cena again. Kane kept helping Orton and allowed him to take the pins. Kane went outside to knock Reigns down again but this time Reigns fought back and smashed Kane’s head onto the steel step near the ring.

Cena on the other hand capitalized against Orton. Cena hit the back drop and the five knuckle shuffle consecutively. As Cena attempted the Attitude Adjustment, Orton somehow slid out of the ring. Reigns went inside the ring and now it was between Reigns and Cena.

Kane and Orton prevented the two from fighting each other as Orton went for Cena and Kane stood against Reigns. Orton took Cena out of the ring and Kane fought Reigns inside. Reigns tried to fight back Kane but Kane nailed Reigns with a running DDT.

Kane attempted a pin on Reigns which he kicked out. Orton noticed it and he went inside. Orton argued with Kane for his attempt of winning the match. Kane tried to explain but Orton did not listen. It angered Kane and he hit a upper cut on Orton. Now Kane and Orton started fighting each other.

Kane attempted a Superplex on Orton, Reigns and Cena blocked him together. Cena and Reigns double power bombed Kane which also allowed Kane to connect the superplex on Orton.

There was no one remained now to stop Reigns and Cena fighting each other as it seemed. But Kane sat back. Reigns and Cena teamed up this time and took Kane out. Orton hit a neck breaker on Reigns. Orton hit his signature DDT on both Reign and Cena. He attempted a pin on Reigns but Kane broke the pin.

Kane took Orton up and nailed him with a big boot. He attempted a pin which Reigns blocked. Kane tried to hit Reigns with running move but Reigns hot a Samoan Drop on Kane. Reigns now attempted the pin on Kane which Orton blocked.

Reigns and Orton fought now. Orton locked Reigns into the Half Boston Crab. Reigns countered it and locked Orton on the same maneuver. Cena went in and locked Orton into the Crippler Cross Face. Kane went in and broke both locks. Cena hit the AA on Kane. Cena tried to attempt the pin but Kane slid out.

Orton tried to hit the Back Breaker on Cena but countered with STF. Reigns dragged Orton out to save the match. Reigns went inside to fight Cena, no one was there to prevent this time. They finally fought each other. They punched each other’s face. Reigns turned out to be the stronger one as he nailed Cena with the Superman Punch.

Cena tried to fight back and attempted the STF but Reigns capitalized and he nailed Cena with the Samoan Drop. Reigns attempted the Superman punch but Cena dummied with a Back Body Drop. As Cena attempted the five knuckle shuffle, Reigns quickly stood up and nailed Cena with the Superman punch.

Reigns got prepared for the Spear and he did connect it. He attempted the pin and Kane came out to block it. Kane and Reigns punched each other. Kane tried to get the control of the match but Reigns got it in his hands with a clothesline. He nailed Kane with the Superman punch. He fought Cena as well. He went outside and nailed Orton with a drop kick.

Reigns started dominating all three competitors single handedly. He speared Orton through the barricade and broke it up. Reigns went inside where Kane was alone. He attempted the Spear on Kane but Kane choked him. Kane took Reigns’ hand off but Kane hit an upper cut. Reigns came back and hit the spear. As he attempted the pin Cena out to broke it up.

Cena attempted the pin on Kane which Reigns broke. Cena drove Reigns out of ring and hit the AA on Kane. He attempted the pin and Reigns blocked it. Reigns now covered Kane and Cena blocked him.

Cena and Reigns started fighting each other. Cena quickly hot the AA on Reigns and attempted the pin. Kane saved the day this time. All three men were down. Kane and Cena woke up. Kane quickly hit the Choke Slam on Cena. As Reigns stood up he choke slammed Reigns as well. He attempted the pin and Reigns but Reigns kicked out. Kane could believe it.

Kane signed for the tomb stone pile driver. As he attempted it, Reigns slid out and hit the spear. As he attempted the pin Randy Orton came out and broke the pin. As Reigns stood up, Orton quickly hit the RKO. Cena went inside and hit Orton the AA on Kane’s body. He attempted the pin on Kane, there was nobody to break it, and Cena got the victory. Cena pinned Kane. John Cena retains the WWE World Heavyweight championship at Battleground in a Fatal Four Way match.

John Cena celebrated with the title. We kept looking if Brock Lesnar was coming out. But there was no one actually to prevent Cena from his celebration. None of the rumors came out to be true about Brock Lesnar’s entry after the match. Cena won the match and won it clean. It indeed was a very good match. But was it the best match of the night? I cannot say it. It would interesting to see where the storyline leads next.

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