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WWE Night of Champions – Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho 

Chris Jericho came out to the arena first. Footage from Monday Night of Raw of two weeks ago was shown where Chris Jericho was receiving treatment after his steel cage match against Bray Wyatt, Randy Orton attacked him during this and beat him down. After Jericho’s entry Randy Orton came out to the arena.

The referee rang the bell and the match started. They grappled each other as Jericho pushed Orton to the nearby turn buckle. Orton fought back and he pushed Jericho to the opposite turn buckle. He hit a number of upper cuts and head butts. Jericho fought back with a drop kick and as Orton went near the ropes, Jericho clotheslined him out of the ring.

Jericho smashed Orton’s head on the announce table then he smashed his body on the steel steps. He took Orton back and as he attempted to go inside, Orton blocked him with a number of kicks. Jericho quickly fought back. He went on top of the turn buckle and Randy Orton pushed him down. Orton attempted a superplex and he was able to connect it.

Orton made a cover which Jericho kicked out by the count of two. Orton locked Jericho into the neck lock maneuver. Jericho tried to fight back, as he jumped on Orton who was situated near the turn buckle, Orton dummied and Jericho fell out of the ring. Orton went towards Jericho, he delivered a backdrop on Jericho on the barricade.

Orton took Jericho back and attempted a pin which Jericho kicked out by two. He took Jericho out of the ring again and hit another back drop, this time on the announce table. Orton took Jericho to the ring and attempted another Jericho which Jericho kicked by the count of two. Orton locked the neck lock.

This time Jericho was able to fight back. He attempted a pin on Orton which Orton kicked out easily. After a number of chest slaps, Jericho tried to hit a running maneuver which Orton reversed into a power slam. Orton attempted a cover which Jericho kicked out by the count of two. Orton tried to hit a knee drop which Jericho dummied and quickly nailed Orton nailed with a low drop kick. He climbed on the top rope and nailed Orton with the double axe handle.

Jericho hit the face crusher and as he attempted the Lion Sault Orton dummied and quickly hit the Back Breaker. Orton attempted the RKO, Jericho pushed him out and quickly hit the Lion Sault. Jericho attempted a cover which Orton kicked out by the count of two.

Jericho kicked on the head on Orton as the Viper went near to the Apron. Jericho attempted to hit a drop kick which Orton dummied and kicked him. Orton tried to hit his signature DDT which Jericho tried to reverse into the Walls of Jericho. Orton blocked it and pushed him away. Jericho quickly tried to hit Orton with a running maneuver but Orton pushed him to the turn buckle and Jericho hit his shoulder on the steel post near the turn buckle.

Orton attempted the vice kick, Jericho dummied and quickly attempted a School Boy pin which Orton kicked out by the count of two. As Orton quickly went near Jericho, Jericho this time made no mistake to connect the Walls of Jericho submission maneuver. The submission move locked in, Orton tried to get out of it, he took his time and somehow he was able to make himself to the ropes. As he was about to grab the rope Jericho pulled him off into the middle of the ring. The pressure was really high on Orton. He tried his best to bear the pain.

Somehow Orton countered and pushed Jericho out of the ring. As Jericho attempted to enter the ring quickly, Orton him onto the chest and grabbed his head. He hit his signature DDT. Orton took his time and stood up. He posed for the RKO. Jericho slowly made it back to his feet. Before Orton could hit the RKO, Jericho quickly hit the Code Breaker. Jericho attempted a cover which Orton somehow kicked out by the count of two.

Jericho slowly made it onto his feet. Jericho climbed over the top rope for a high risk high flying maneuver. Orton was down, Jericho waited for Orton to stand up. Jericho cried ‘Get Up’ as Orton slowly made it on his feet. As Jericho turned to Orton, Jericho attempted to hit the Double Axe handle from on top of the urn buckle, but Orton reversed the maneuver into the RKO.

Orton posed with his signature style before the pin. Orton slowly went for the pin, Orton covered Jericho, the referee started counting and Orton got three count. The match was over, Orton won the match, Randy Orton defeated Chris Jericho.

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